I do not know what to do with this walkway

by Hope

Thai walkway was just little pea gravel and would totally flood everytime it rained. My 4 boys either had to walk in wet grass or through a puddle. My husband put wood down and literally with all the GA rain it now is overgrown I can’t spray weed killer because we have ducks chickens and Guineas I’m not sure how to complete this without costing a mint

q i do not know what to do with this walkway
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  • First be grateful for the rain. I live where we are in a severe drought. Next to combat the weeds, spray with plain old white vinegar. It is non toxic, environmentally friendly and will not hurt any animals or wildlife. Will need to be re sprayed periodically as weeds appear.

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    • AZ to GA is culture shock enough! I am very familiar with Phoenix, and the climate I live in is almost identical. ATL is like any other city and is the hub of the South, but 10 minutes in any direction, is heaven. Every single time I get off the plane in LA from a trip to the South, culture shock sets in and I always wonder why I came back . . . CA is beautiful except LA. Anyway, you will settle in and love it.

      When you get around to it, I would add a raised walkway so that when it does rain you are not trudging through mud and puddles.

  • T T on Jun 29, 2018
    Salt will also 'salt' the earth, so nothing can grow. It's why storm surges kills crops...

  • Mogie Mogie on Jun 29, 2018
    Dig a ditch and make a mini french drain to aid with getting rid of excess water. Stepping stones would allow you to walk without getting your feet wet.