Asked on Dec 11, 2015

How to make holes in silver plate dish covers to make bird-feeders

by Luly
I have 2 silver plate dish covers that I would like to make into bird-feeders. What do you suggest that I use to make holes so they can be hung from tree branch? I plan to use re-purposed wire hangers and/or jute for hangers.
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  • Buy good drill bits! I love Rigid drill bits because they drill through all types of metals. I suggest to wear eye protection too when drilling in metal because the flakes can fly. I would put a piece of wood underneath the tray when you are drilling so you do not go through your workbench or counter. Hint: you pay for what you get when it comes to drill bits and saw blades. Good luck!

    • Luly Luly on Dec 12, 2015
      @The Garden Frog with C Renee Thank you. I'll go tomorrow and get the good drill bits!