Asked on Jan 29, 2014

Pool Deck resurfacing

by Dave
We are considering a house which has a pool deck and pool,which is a total mess. (water ponding, cracked areas, piecework, improper concrete/surface grading (water flowing towards the living space)) I've seen topics which say pavers might work, and others have said a resurfacing is in order. Which is less, which might suit our needs better? Do you know of anyone in the greater San Diego area that could do either a complete resurface or other?
Thanks for any leads and/or suggestions!
q pool deck resurfacing, decks, outdoor living, pool designs
q pool deck resurfacing, decks, outdoor living, pool designs
q pool deck resurfacing, decks, outdoor living, pool designs
q pool deck resurfacing, decks, outdoor living, pool designs
q pool deck resurfacing, decks, outdoor living, pool designs
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  • I do not know anyone in your area, but you might want to consider something different for the patio and yard area. It appears that you have a lot of hard surfaces which will result in really hot days when sun is shining plus hot toes running on the cement. Look into this product, or ones that are like this,(there are many) that may give you a whole new feeling and look to the back yard.

  • Pat Dollar Pat Dollar on Jan 29, 2014
    Since you live in San Diego, there is a company near you where you can buy everything you need to resurface this project yourself. You would be able to complete the whole pool area in a weekend and be able to drive a forklift over the surface in 48 hours. Your whole back yard will look new and beautiful. Imagine just spending less than $250 and no need for a contractor.

  • Roseann Marsett Roseann Marsett on Jan 30, 2014
    We are in Tucson and had both our pool and our cool deck resurfaced. It is fairly expensive but is much less than a new pool and should be done by a professional. We've been very happy with the results and it should last another 20 years. I would not recommend a DIY for this project. We check it out completely first and even hired a much less expensive contractor who resurfaced our pool and 2 weeks later the surface was peeling off. Make sure whoever you use is experienced and has references for what you want done. Our resurface of the pool deck went much better as the base was in good condition but rather ugly so they only had to spray over the existing deck.

  • 117135 117135 on Jan 30, 2014
    You could also check out Restore by Rustoleum. They have a great concrete sealer that may be what you need.

  • You may want to check out some of the paver products by for the bull nosing around the pool and pavers for the patio area. Here is a link to the homeowners section: You will want to locate an experienced /qualified contractor- you may be able to locate a contractor in your area through their website. This a job for a professional though. Good luck.

  • Ponce Construction Ponce Construction on Jun 17, 2014
    Dave, As your post is from January of this year, I don't know if you ever found someone to remodel your pool and deck? If not, and you are still debating what type of decking to consider, I would really rethink any type of resurfacing materials if you are having sloping water issues going into your home. We always ask our clients how long they plan on living in their home? The answer to that question will determine exactly what should be done for their pool remodel. Personally if you are having water/drainage issues, I would hire someone to come in and completely demo all of the surrounding concrete decking and coping. Re-level the underneath dirt areas and install drains in strategic areas that are connected to flow out to your curb drain. If you are planning on living in your home more than five years, you should install a nice colored, 2,500 PSI sand-wash finish concrete deck with maybe some colored precast pool coping. Make sure you check online at on any concrete contractor you are considering hiring to make sure they carry a C8 license and are in good standing in the state of California. The Contractors State License Board's website is a wonderful place for any California homeowner considering hiring any type of licensed contractor. It will explain the laws and you can check out any contractor to see if they are licensed and insured. Now for precast pool coping we like a company called Pacific Stone Design located in OC. They have a wonderful selection of precast to choose from for your pool and you can find them on the web also. If you are located in the northern part of San Diego county, then please feel free to look us up as we are in south OC and have done projects in north SD county from time to time. We are licensed and insured and carry not only a pool license but also a concrete and landscaping license. So we are like a general of a yard and most customers love the fact that they only have to deal with one contractor for all of their projects needs. Good luck with your pool remodel, and hopefully I was of some help for you. Let us all know how your remodel went please!