How to replace short lived flower & plants with succulents & cactus?

Bob Harris
by Bob Harris

Backyard. around the pool is a 6' to 12' wide area that is "L" shaped about 35 Ft long and 20 Ft. wide.It is 30" high above walk way around pool. Think of cactus (spiny) in the rear--cannot reach by hand etc. and from 3ft to 6 ft tall and can grow taller. Succulents up front that have flowers and or uniquely beautiful.

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  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Jan 07, 2019

    Sounds pretty as long as your climate will support them. I know that mine wouldn't, for mine I'd go with low growing trees and flowering shrubs for the back and some perennials for the front.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Jan 07, 2019

    All cacti and succulents will flower depends on amount of sun and water. There are so many varieties to choose from you need to google Cacti and read the specifications/ mature growth & it will tell you what you should consider. Where do you live? Google Cacti nurseries in your area and go there to see them ask for mature plants to see what they look like and how big they will get. Google the ones you think you are interested in & type in flowering to see what color they will produce. You'll want pipe type cacti in back,then prickly pear(can keep cut back so they don't get huge)and barrel type in front. Add some Ocotillo(great for pollinators/hummingbirds)in far back/tallest.Some are night blooming for nighttime pollinators. Stay away from any of the Cholla type cacti(Jumping cacti) Do the same with the succulents(there are hundreds of varieties of these too) type in colorful succulents to get started. Here's a site to buy the succulents It'll be beautiful & remember they need really good drainage & really dry between a good soaking but they all need water cacti & succulents both.

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    • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Jan 08, 2019

      April/May is Cacti blooming time here in AZ The succulents you can split and use the leaves to restart even more plants for fuller look instead of buying so many of one kind,spend $ on more different varieties for even more color.If you buy from local nurseries check the succulents/ pots look for ones having more than one in it so you have 2 or 3 of same kind.Only buy the harder to find ones online buy more generic in local places it'll be cheaper. Check the discount section at Lowes/Home Depot for 50%-75% off ones they are discarding. they(succulents) may look awful but most can be revived just remove any above ground messed up parts, pull plant out of container to check root system. you can also get Cacti pieces from anywhere to restart yourself or even botanical garden,local plant expos,garage sales etc. for rarer more exotic flowering varieties of cacti. Never told us where you live?

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    The area receives full sun all day? Purchasing cactus and succulents could get rather pricey to fill that area. What about perennial shrubs instead?