Asked on Feb 17, 2018

Trying to grow ivy up a fence - any tips to help move it along??

I was told I didn't need a trellis - that the ivy would just cling to the fence but I'm finding that's not the case. Not yet at least. I've been able to "place" the ivy in between the fence to get it to stay.

Would love your tips!
q trying to grow ivy up a fence any tips to help move it along
q trying to grow ivy up a fence any tips to help move it along
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  • Bmasecar Bmasecar on Feb 17, 2018
    HI, I think you have an english ivy, it tends to run, will wrap around stuff to climb, but does not grab walls real well. Try a Boston ivy, might work better.

  • Katie Dillon Katie Dillon on Feb 17, 2018
    Hi there.Take string and tie it at the top of the fence and staole gun it to bottom or attach anyway you want.You can make multiple strings an inch or 2 apart and gently push ivy threw it or around it and it will have mutiple ways to geow up.When it really starts to spread upwards you can widen it by adding more strings.Twine works great too and will match the fence better.

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Feb 17, 2018
    Try placing cup hooks at various intervals and hook the ivy over them. This way you can train them to go where you want.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 17, 2018
    The Ivy will take a year or two to get going and then when it does you will have to cut it back maybe twice a year,,,,,,It will cling once it becomes mature.........

    • Karen | Decor Hint Karen | Decor Hint on Feb 17, 2018
      This is great to know and reassuring. I planted the ivy last fall so it may need more time. Thank you for your advice!

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Feb 17, 2018
    You have a young plant - be patient. To climb, the mature stems will grow little roots that cling to the wood.

  • Beth Gibson Beth Gibson on Feb 18, 2018
    It's kind of short yet to get a grasp. I wouldn't worry yet. However, if you expect it to be growing up very far, do note that ivy roots will go thru the wooden base and into your patio bricks (if that is what you have). I would raise the bed up about two inches so you can periodically inspect what is going on.

  • Marie Jose Marie Jose on Jun 06, 2019

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