What can I plant next to my house in Ohio ? Is gets morning sun.

This area is sheltered from rain so ground is very dry.
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  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Jun 17, 2017
    Drought tolerant plants: vinca, mexican heather.

  • Just Retired Just Retired on Jun 17, 2017
    Hostas are also good for drought tolerance. They can do morning sun but not so good in afternoon sun.

  • Patty Patty on Jun 18, 2017
    Try sedums,hyssop,grasses,vinca

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jun 18, 2017
    I would go with Hostas as the main plant and smaller drought tolerant plants interspersed in them. As with any plant, it will need watering until it is settled and more mature, but once all the plants are settled in(a year or so), they will need only infrequent watering.