What to do about our landscaping aroung our house?

by Lisa

Our landscaping in old and dying. What is the best type of rock to start with landscaping in Kentucky? I would like to take up all the shrubs and start over. I'm not good with flowers just need something that rain and sun will take care of. Also, what type of edging is great and low maintenance. As you can tell I need a lot of help. Thanks guys!! Would love some pics of low maintenance landscaping.

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  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Jan 23, 2019

    Check with your local nursery or landscaper.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 23, 2019

    The house my son bought had sad shrubs that were not cared for right and needed to be taken out. My front yard is shaded by huge mature trees and faces north. Our front door is in the middle of the front, so I turned the far side into a hasta garden, there really is no maintenance for them once they establish themselves. They and any other plants or shrubs you plant will need care and watering until they are established and growing well. The other side of the front, from the driveway to the front door we turned into a seating area with pavers up to the sidewalk. We put in a love seat, two end tables and two huge half wine barrels for plants (elephant ears and coleus that I dig up each year because of cold temps in winter) There are many things that you can do with your landscaping around your house, but nothing is virtually maintenance free, especially in the first season they are planted.

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    • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 23, 2019

      Your very welcome. A green thumb isn't really necessary to have mice landscaping. I have an outdoor only green thumb. If it is a houseplant, it will be dead wishing the first month. My only saving grace is that hubby has an indoor green thumb and keeps all the houseplants looking beautiful, even the plants we bring in to overwinter. I do outside, he does inside and we are fine. I didn't really know a thing about caring for plants until I made my first veggie garden in the eighties. It is a learning process for everyone to care for any plant. Until I planted that first veggie garden I had never even planted a seed, much less a plant. It comes with time, be patient and you will be able to plant whatever you want that goes with your growing area. Don't short yourself about not having a green thumb, outside is much easier to grow and be successful than you think.