Repurposed Outdoor Lantern

Anita K
by Anita K
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This outdoor lantern was made using a few pieces I had on hand: an urn from an old Christmas tree, an orb from a bird feeder and a solar powered globe light. I liked the shape of each piece, and wanted to re-purpose them in some way to make something functional. (Note: If you do not have an urn, you may use another planter you have on hand, or purchase an inexpensive one to use, instead)
Each piece was spray painted with a copper colored Rust-Oleum spray paint. I chose that color because I wanted it to shine a little, but not to overpower the natural landscape of the garden.
I covered the bottom portion of the glass globe with painter's tape so that over spray would not cover the glass. The stake is removable, but the globe's base is attached to it. The support that holds the globe and the tube were painted in the copper finish spray paint.
I then glued the stake for the solar light in the hole where the former Christmas tree had been using E6000 Glue. (Note: this photo was taken prior to spray painting the urn. My original plan was not to paint the urn. I decided to paint it the same copper as the other pieces for a more cohesive final product).
Once the glue had cured in 24 hours, I placed the glass globe on the stake. Then, I simply placed the bird feeder orb atop the the urn. For added interest, I cut a copper stake from another, defunct solar light and placed the pieces on either side of the solar light. (I have since removed those pieces) The garden feature fills a spot between two plants and looks nice by day with the copper finish shines in sunlight, and by night, when the solar light glows.
It is a bit whimsical, as the bird feeder orb gives the illusion of being off-kilter, depending on the angle from which is viewed in the garden. I tip the urn over to spill out the rain water that collects in the urn. I was going to fill the urn with concrete, but realized that water would still pool and sit atop the flat surface of the concrete - so I left the urn as-is. The urn has a heavy fill in it from when its previous life as an outdoor Christmas tree holder. I find that when I combine different elements of leftover pieces I like - they pair well for new pieces!
Finally! A night time pic in the garden!
Suggested materials:
  • Christmas tree urn   (Home Depot)
  • Solar powered globe light   (Home Depot)
  • E6000 Glue   (Michaels' Crafts (with a coupon))
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  • Nancy Massi Nancy Massi on Aug 13, 2016
    Beautiful--love the old-world look to the piece. The butterfly shown next to it is lovely as well, do you a tutorial for that?

  • Deborah Deborah on Aug 13, 2016
    Why don't you just drill small holes to allow water to run out? That way you don't have to keep tipping it over. It's really cute, very "old world" looking.

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