Pot People -- They're Just Like Us!

Hometalk Highlights
by Hometalk Highlights
Many of us have never actually met a pot person, but despite their shy and evasive nature, they’re actually not so different from your regular Joe. Sure, their bodies are made of terra cotta and they mostly hang out in gardens or yards, but their daily activities are more normal than you’d think — in fact, they’re just like us!

They ride bikes!

Photo via Jan
It’s the healthiest way to get around, especially when the weather’s this nice and your ride looks that good.

They do brunch with friends!

Photo via Deb
Spotted at a downtown cafe, these two coffee lovers seem to have a lot to catch up on. (We take our pups to brunch, too!)

They soak up the sun!

Photo via Cin
No one’s above soaking up some summer rays. How else is this sun-baked couple supposed to keep their skin glowing?

They work in their gardens!

Photo via Gail @[url=Purple Hues and Me[/url]
This green-thumbed (green-headed) pot-ette isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty for the sake of a lush flower bed.

They get fly-aways!

Photo via Walter
Even if you have your hair stylist on speed dial, it’s impossible to avoid those minor fly-aways when you’re sitting in the breeze, and pot people are no exception.

They read trashy magazines!

Photo via Trevor @Pot People
Having drawn on features doesn’t stop this pot person from dying to find out who got sent home on last night’s episode of The Bachelorette.

They go on family picnics!

Photo via Trevor @Pot People
A big family of pot people spend a summer afternoon just like your bunch does — except there’s very little actual eating at their picnics.

They have favorite football teams!

Photo via Brat’s Crafts & Portraits on Pinterest
Pot people are some of the proudest fans out there. Sure, they’re all smiley and good-natured when you see them in pictures, but don’t insult their team, or they’ll react just like we would.

They steal a smooch from their S.O.!

Photo via Trevor @Pot People
Just like us, they're shy about PDA’s, but a young pot couple in love can’t help but steal a kiss when no one’s looking.

They help out friends!

Photo via Trevor @Pot People
One lucky non-pot person gets garden work help from a pot pal. After all, pot people know their gardens pretty well, and, just like us, they're happy to lend a hand to a friend.

Have you caught any shots of pot people in everyday action? Share them below, and let us know your favorite pot person activity.

If you’d like to make your own, check out this helpful tutorial.
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  • Vikki Green Vikki Green on Jan 31, 2018
    For the tall standing Pot People is there anything between each pot to add spacing on the arms and legs?

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  • Anita Garcia-Goodman Anita Garcia-Goodman on Jul 25, 2015
    I've actually seen one mowing the yard!

  • Virginia Virginia on Mar 10, 2022

    I actually made a "pot person", but it only lasted for 1 year, as my husband accidentally knocked it over with the hose and the broken pieces were too numerous to glue back together. 🥺 So, here's a picture of what she looked like, my "Patti Pot Head".