Roadside Garden

Barbara Null
by Barbara Null
hi.. We live in the woods in Arcade, NY. Our winters , well. last forever. This is a picture in early June just starting out. I made up this garden because I wanted a nice entrance into our quarter mile driveway. This is a very windy, sunny, dry spot and needs almost daily watering which I do with my golf cart and a 30 gallon water tank with battery attached.. lol. Soon, the white daisies will open, the hosta actually does very well as long as the deer don't eat it, which is why I planted some mint along the edges along with flax which blooms briliantly in early spring. Also in there, are a couple Jacobs Ladders, other perenials that I threw in there not knowing what they are, but they are pretty for a while. This garden is now pretty full. I will post another pic of this tomorow showing the "now" look... and pictures of my "fairy garden - sanctuary".. Have a great day all.
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jul 17, 2014
    Anyone willing to drive a golf cart a quarter of a mile to water her plants deserves to have them thrive!

  • Barbara Null Barbara Null on Jul 17, 2014
    thank you very much.. The only reason I even use the golf cart is because I have CIDP, a chronic diseast where I'm unable to walk much, kinda like MS.. so gardening is my therapy... I love my gardening lol... Winter however sucks.