Save Those Old Dingy Yard & Garden Decor With Unicorn Spit!

Betty Jason Kirklin
by Betty Jason Kirklin
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My mother in law has a pond and many yard and garden ornaments that looked like they needed to be buried! These things seriously looked bad! So after taking home a couple and making them over with Unicorn Spit and sealer, she wanted all of hers done! Well word travels fast and now I am restoring yard and garden decor for her and her pond club friends.
Small bird bath rescue!
I stared the resin bunny bird bath by power washing all the dirt and grime off. I then did a coat of spray white primer. (Cheapest spray white you can get that states it's for plastic) I then used my Unicorn Spit diluted only about 20% for this project just to make it go on smooth. I did a stain press method in the top of the bath to mimic water. This is where you apply the spit by drizzling on the colors you like, again diluted about 20%-50%, then I used painters plastic (very thin) squirted with water - water side down to the paint. You press out all the air bubbles and then start to move the paint under the plastic creating this wonderful color pattern. When you think you are done, pull up the plastic and let it dry. (I waited 24 hrs). I then used Spar Urethane sealer in spray can. I did about 3 coats on base and 5 on the bird bath overy a course of 7 days. I then let it sit and harden indoors for a week. And there you have a new bird bath!
Sunflower Yard post
Started by using a toothbrush, hot water and Dawn sishsoap on this one! Scrubbed all the green algae off it and let dry. I then used my Unicorn Spit right over the gray resin base on this one. The colors blend so nicely! I painted the butterfly too! When dry I coated with two coats of spray spar urethane outdoor sealer.
Turtle mini bird bath
This was a super fun and cute one! This resin bath had paint peeling all over it! I cleaned and scrubbed the old paint and dirt off then did a coat of white primer. After a day of drying, I used the magical Unicorn Spit to create my own colors on this one! I did not dilute any colors! Once done and dry, I sealed with spar urethane for outdoors. This one was a mother's day present for my son's friend.
Gold Finch Find!
This garden wall hanger with an area for a succulent turned out so beautiful! Again, clean, Unicorn Spit diluted by 50%, dry and seal. As you can see, Unicorn Spit lasts a long time and is WELL worth the money! Unicorn Spit beautifies ANYTHING.
Cherub yard post
Ceramic bird bath
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn Spit   (
  • Spar Urethane spray can   (Lowes, menards, home depot)
  • Dawn dish soap   (Anywhere)
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  • Teri Vrieling Geston Teri Vrieling Geston on Jul 14, 2017
    Do you know if the "Spit" and polyurethane are none toxic? My birdbath is actually a bird bath (drinking fountain) that is used almost daily by the animals around me.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 29, 2017
    Would this work on concrete too, all of mine are concrete and really need to be repainted.

  • Rosanne Rosanne on Jan 05, 2021

    What did you dilute the unicorn spot with?

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