Summer Tanager

Julie Rainwater
by Julie Rainwater
I think this is a male Summer Tanager. It is a beautiful and it hangs out with two Yellow birds which I also believe to be Summer Tanagers. I have not been lucky as toward getting a picture of the yellows ones yet. They showed up here early last year and the red one is constantly flying up and down our sliding doors, which are tinted. After about two weeks of this, we covered the doors with a big sheet so he couldn't see himself and he stopped. Well, he and the other two are back this year and once again, we had to cover our sliding doors. Now, he has found our kitchen window and one of bath windows, so we covered those. To our surprise, he now stays at our mirrors on our truck and car. We cover one and he goes to another one. I have thought about putting a big mirror outside especially for him to see if this would help the situation. I am wondering if anyone else has any suggestions as to what to do? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
His tail feathers were lose in this picture. He eventually lost all of them, but they grew back.
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