Turn This Cup and Saucer Into a Candelabra a Bird Feeder Are Just Beau

Corinna Agee
by Corinna Agee
2 Materials
3 Hours
This is the pedestal candelabra or make me pointer out of it the possibilities are endless Music as a jewelry caddy key drop so many uses I will continue to follow with more additional towel racks and bird feeders then I will let you know how this project was made
Now this is an old it was all beat up I never throw anything away then I had a piece ironwork that I glued a cup and saucer on drilled of all to make a towel rack I know what lovely art or place your soap inside the dish or cheap brush hang a towel matter to the wall
Another beautiful car you want me handle stakeholders euwanee cap and saucers I prefer the reformed venting stopper ones they just have more art and beauty that you can use anything you need E 6000 in each for a panic primer and time you can also drill falls into the cup and make bird feeders that day a possibilities once again are so endless I am most intrigued by these you can take plates make any type of our
Or make a cake pedestal I love sticks they have such form in such beauty now at your desserts cookies cakes candies your name entertain and have one of a kind gift or conversation pieces
Or chalk paint an old jar distress it more beautiful work for your kitchen bathroom you been living Room
This was another lamp shade that I turned into a towel rack or candelabra you need some old fence board not new taken old shade adorn paint drill bit and glue E 6000
Suggested materials:
  • Rust-Oleum paints and e600 cup saucers sand paper time
  • Thrift store
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  • Ree26485012 Ree26485012 on Jan 03, 2021

    What is going on?? I hope you are not ill. Something is very definitely wrong.

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  • Nan49687351 Nan49687351 on Oct 08, 2020

    Drink much?

  • Thanks for sharing 😊 Thanks for sharing 😊 on Apr 17, 2021

    Hi Corinna

    thank you very much for sharing the beautiful pieces that you’ve created. Looks like home talk messed up your page, but..... that’s alright I found what you actually posted. Love your work

    and looking forward to trying these out.


    • Michelle Kerrigan Michelle Kerrigan on May 24, 2022

      i love what you’ve created. I love the tiny details ie small dab of paint etc. Im going to make one this weekend. Even though the explanation was “all a sunder” I understood juuuust fine. I’m a visual learner vs descriptive.