Inside a Hometalker's Crazy Cool Brooklyn Apartment

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Have you ever wished you could peek inside the homes of your amazing fellow Hometalkers to get a closer look at their brilliant projects and get new ideas? Well, now you can! Introducing Hometalk LIVE, where we pop in to visit the homes of famous Hometalkers and broadcast on Facebook LIVE where you can watch and join the fun.
Here’s a recap of our visit in case you missed it. Don't want to miss the next time we go live? Like Hometalk on Facebook and stay tuned for the next LIVE segment!
CMO Miriam Illions, as well as Community Manager Hannah Vaughan and Social Editor Lana Neuman dropped by the home of Hometalker Amanda, to hear a bit about how she decorated her crazy cool "boho eclectic" apartment in Brooklyn.

As the ladies learned all about Amanda's unique style and DIY adventures, Hometalkers from all over the world were chiming in with questions, comments, and lots of love and support.
First, Amanda showed us her awesome wood slab kitchen table, which she made from discarded trunks she salvaged in her neighborhood. We loved the versatility of the table and the simple, rustic look.
Next, we climbed out the window to get a look at Amanda's relaxing rooftop, which doubles as her yard and patio. There were some interesting salvages up there, but one thing we noticed was a pile of bike wheels. That's where the real fun began...
We challenged viewers to come up with a fun DIY idea to suggest using these wheels for a chance to win a Hometalk t-shirt of their own!
Lots of amazing ideas were thrown out from the Facebook audience, but the winning suggestion? A bike wheel chandelier for Amanda's home -- which meant a Hometalk t-shirt for the winners, Arleen Johnson and Kim Denherder!

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After getting a look at the awesome outdoor seating Amanda put together from 6 cinder blocks and wooden beams, we saw what might be the coolest small space gardening solution ever - the vertical gutter garden!
You can also make the incredible milk can stool Amanda showed us next!
The last project we saw was definitely the crowd favorite: a $65 terra cotta pot meat smoker that Amanda made herself from flower pots! Readers were flipping over this thrifty and brilliant creation, which you can make yourself to save hundreds on a store bought smoker!
After getting a good look at all of Amanda's amazing creations, the Hometalk team headed back through the window into Amanda's magical Brooklyn apartment to finish off their tour and say their goodbyes.

Amanda's eclectic boho home was amazing and the best part is, it was just the first of many mini excursions the Hometalk team will take with their trusty Facebook Live camera and all you viewers!

If you're interested in getting ideas, winning t-shirts, or even getting a visit, make sure to Like Hometalk on Facebook to get notified the next time we go LIVE!

Proud of your amazing home and creative projects and want to show them off? We would love to see them in person! You can apply to have the Hometalk team VISIT YOUR HOUSE by filling out this application. Hope to see you soon!
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  • Renata Renata on Jul 19, 2016
    This was pretty kool to watch. I gotta say when I saw those wheels and that yellow wood chair my mind instantly attached a wheel on each side of of the chair. Faux wheel chair, lol love Amanda's shirt too.

  • Dina Dina on Feb 11, 2017
    Awesome Amanda! Your moveable feast tables are the best! Thanks for your video. I grew up in the 'holy city' of Brooklyn - now live at the jersey shore. But I sure do miss home - and the wonderful people like you who live there. Keep creating!