Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Kelly Rambo
by Kelly Rambo
1 Material
3 Hours
Found an old wine bottle that I wanted to make into a bird feeder.
Found this triangular wine bottle and found a dish that went well with it.
I marked the center of the wood then traced the bottle around it. I marked an inside line so the bottle would sit nicely in the wood.

*Tip: I used watercolor pencils to mark on the wood because they will dissolve and blend in with the stain.
I cut out what I marked and sanded the edges.
I cut 2 1x2's for the sides, sanded them smooth.
All assembled
Tested to make sure I got the spacing correct.
I stained the whole thing with "Weathered Daydream" Unicorn SPiT
After it dried I sealed it with an oil based spray sealer.
I marked the center (again with a watercolor pencil) placed the tray then put holes around it. I put wire in the holes to hold the tray in place. The x in the center wiped off with water.
I added a wire hanger and birdseed and the project is complete.
It self feeds until the bottle is empty, then just fill the bottle again.
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn SPiT   (
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