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The last October storm was a snowstorm which was awful for all in the NE and Mid Atlantic. This storm if tracking is accurate, is going to bring high winds and heavy rains. Power outages with these storms are common. We will be in the 50 degree range monday through wednesday. Here is what you can do to prepare yourself and your home: 1. Take down anything that can get blown over or take flight in high winds (bird houses, chimes, flags ect.) Move chairs, umbrellas and tables into a coner if possible and tie together with some rope to prevent them from getting blown into a door or window. 2. Have some wood available just incase you are out of power. A nice fire can not only keep you warm but also can provide some heat and light to a room. 3. Have plenty of fresh water available for drinking. Water to flush toilets is also a good idea. I use my pond water to flush toilets. 4. Batteries and flashlights checked before the storm. Candles for light and ambiance. I probably have a few kids due to these storms. 5. Food supply. Have the grill ready with gas so you can prepare meals with little cleanup since you will not have running water or hot water. Unless you have a generator, you will be roughing it until power is restored. 6. Board games are a must to have some nice family time. We like scrabble. Let the kids win! Enjoy the storm if it comes. Nature is awesome as long as you stay safe!
Much of the wood falling in a storm has interior damage by insects
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  • Joyce Swantick Joyce Swantick on Oct 28, 2012
    When I was a kid in Florida,#1 we put milk, cheese, cold cuts, etc. in a large ice chest. Then if power was out we didn't have to open the fridge and it stayed cold longer. #2 The bathtub was filled with water. (Important: This was after the whole family had bathed, the bathtub was cleaned, then filled with bleach water to soak at least 2 hours.) Then filled with regular tap water, could be dipped out with a gallon pitcher to use for everyday water use, varying from brushing teeth, drinking.or flushing toilet when the water pumps were not pumping water. We only had to do this once when the water tower was damaged.

  • Aquascape Inc. Aquascape Inc. on Oct 29, 2012
    Awesome tips from everyone! Going to tweet this and share on Facebook. Thanks!!