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20 Minutes
I'm always looking at items for ways to repurpose them into another use and these tired wall sconces fit the bill! I bought these at a time when they were the "in" thing for wall decor.
I had already repurposed them once from a candlestick holder into a plaque holder as seen below. I removed the cup and plate portion and it created a perfect cradle for the plaque.
Then in a eureka moment I thought of the next repurpose for them, outdoor solar LIGHTING! The dollar store and Wal-Mart started to stock tiny individual solar lights and they woukd be the right scale for this project.

Remember, I tossed the candle holder parts so now we just modified the prongs for the solar lights by adding small dowels over the tips. This would make it a snug fit for the base of the solar lights to rest on. The wooden plug got painted black to match the remainder of the metal.
Here is the finished look of a pair hanging on my backyard fence.
Day look vs. evening look.
I have another pair that were gifted to me by a friend after they saw my idea for them. These were easier to fit the solar lights onto since the cup and plate portion of the sconce was still there.
I purchased the mini solar lights at 1.50 each and removed the plastic stake part from them and no, I'm not tossing the stakes because I know they'll come in handy later on.
There are loads of solar light styles and sizes and as just as many crafts that you could create using them. Seen here is another style of solar light atop my terra cotta flowerpot lighthouse. I hope this post has inspired you to be creative...everyday!
Suggested materials:
  • Solar Light Sticks   (Canadian Tire)
  • Black Paint   (Canadian Tire)
  • Wall Sconce Decor   (Canadian Dollar Store)
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