Quick/Easy Mason Jar Solar Lighting (Updated!)

Jim Cox
by Jim Cox
4 Materials
15 Minutes
A super quick way to use mason jars for outdoor lighting ( REALLY quick! ) It's quick because I used the jars upside down which let me skip cutting the metal lids.

Typical $.99 solar light (At Home - the store) with stainless top.  Black plastic top would work too.
Add some double sided tape to either side of the light module. Don't cover the solar cell in the middle. I had used hot glue prior, but it came loose during a storm so it was time to upgrade. This is automotive grade double stick tape (cut in half lengthwise). I tried 3M Command adhesive, it only held for two days.
Here's the light with the double stick tape as viewed from the other side. Remove the battery tab so the light will function. Loosen the globe but don't take it completely off just yet.
Practice placing the light in the jar a few times. The stake makes for a good handle to do this. Whey you're ready, remove the adhesive covering on the other side of the double stick tape and place the light module in the mason jar. Press firmly. Once the module is properly seated, pull off the stake and remove the globe. Save the pieces as a spares for another project if you like.
Attach the lid to your deck rail / post / etc with a single screw, or double sided tape.
Here is the assembled jar.  I could have left the globe on, but I had a different idea for decorating the inside of the Mason Jar
Here's the empty jar lit up at night. It's actually upside down but you don't really notice at night.
Here's the jar with a silver/sparkle braid Christmas ornament inside (I'm on the hunt for some faceted ornaments). Expect some mini pumpkins this fall, perhaps something red over the holidays - whatever you like : )

Look at my other projects for more simple ideas using solar outdoor lighting
Test fitting with globe and stake intact
Here's a smaller mason jar. I liked the pattern so I thought I'd try it. The bottom was curved so it took two layers of double stick tape to contact the bottom properly.
This jar was smaller so I pressed the light module in with my hands to assure proper contact of the double sided tape.
Here's the smaller jar at night. I like the pattern it puts on my deck rail.
Suggested materials:
  • Solar light ($1)   (At Home, Walmart, Dollar Tree, etc)
  • Mason Jar ($2)   (Michael's)
  • Double sided tape ($6)   (Walmart)
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  • Jim Cox Jim Cox on Aug 22, 2017
    For those of you who have viewed this project before: Sorry the hot glue didn't like a humid storm. The double-stick tape should solve the problem.

  • Diana Collins Diana Collins on Jun 28, 2020

    Definitely!! Looks beautiful ,thanks for telling us how you made these and products needed!!!