Shell Chandelier

Jenny Tease
by Jenny Tease
2 Materials
5 Minutes
I love my shells :) now time to light them up
this would also work in a macreme pot hanger :D and light up plants at night
I bought these on a trip to Bali :) and they are just beautiful I have several colours as I squeezed a few more in than the "just 1". I told hubby I bought .. and I have them around my pool my only issue is that at night they can't be seen and they are so pretty but I really wanted to be able to enjoy them at night as well as day :( so time to fix that !
i found these little light bulbs for sale at the reject shop here on Queensland Australia but I'm sure you can purchase them on eBay or any other cheep shop I only payed $1 each they are exactly the same size as a normal light bulb however these are solar :) and the cutest tiniest little led inside and give a nice soft glow
The little lights have a clip on them so I just attached it up inside the chandelier it was really easy the clip was sort of like a peg , so it only took a matter of seconds to pop up and in . I then hung them back up around the pool . Area on my shade cover poles then the waiting game to see if they work ....
Just on sunset I notice they were working :) yahhh
And as it got dark they let out this amazing glow it wasn't bright like a light bulb but it was a very gentle shuttle light . and now I can see around the pool with out falling in ! and it really does look pretty at night as well Day :) now I need to go back to Bali and buy lots more.
:D now spring is starting here in Australia we spend a lot of time in the back yard at night due to the tropical heat heat 'now I can lay on my sun bed and just enjoy :) thank you for taking the time to have a look
Suggested materials:
  • A shell chandelier   (Bali but they can bought in any of the cheep shops or can even make yourself)
  • And a LED Light bulb   (I bought this at the reject shop they are also available through eBay)
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