Solar Light Message in a Bottle

3 Materials
5 Minutes
Leave a message, write a memory, prayers, etc. put it in a bottle, and add a solar light. This could used in memory, someone dear is overseas and you're hoping for a safe return, or perhaps someone who needs prayers for recovery.

You'll need:

A bottle
Solar light
Paper & pen

Optional - Adhesive
Decide whether you want large sheets of paper or small pieces of paper.

Use the paper to write memories, messages, prayers to a loved one. Decide if this is something for many individuals to share or just for you.

Once all the memories, well wishes, messages, etc are collected, fold or roll up and place in the bottle.

I had this bottle, it came from Dollar Tree but you could easily use a recycled bottle.
Pull your solar light off the stem.
Place the solar light on top of the bottle.

*Optional - if placing outside you can use silicone to adhere the solar light onto the bottle and keep moisture out.

*If you want to be able to add more notes, then glue your light to a cork or lid that will close the bottle but allow you to open it later.
Place your solar bottle where it will receive plenty of sun.
It will look like this in the evening.
You can place it by a bench or chair where you can think about the person you are writing about/too.
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Suggested materials:
  • Bottle   (Recycle Bin or Dollar Tree)
  • Solar Light   (Dollar Tree)
  • Pen and Paper
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