New Privacy Fence

This was one of our other projects we've been working on. Just finished (mostly). We still have to add the panel, latch, and lock to the gate and we'll be done. This was a DIY project, just my husband and myself (mostly my husband).
The main reason to do the new fence was because we originally only had the metal cyclone fence about 3-3 1/2 feet high, like many suburban neighborhoods built in the 40's, 50's, & 60's, etc. Our son, who has severe, non-verbal autism, and is a flight risk, is now eleven years old (and almost 5'8"). In short, in another year, he'll be able to swing one leg over the fence, then the other and be gone. No climbing necessary.
Of course the added bonus is of course we get to have a nice privacy fence. Win win. We also decided to extend the backyard back to its original size, which the original owners changed by moving the gate from the side of the house to the back and putting a fence along the perimeter of the garage and cutting off a large chunk of property. It gives us less driveway, but who cares. We're not car people. We use them to get us places. And we park them when we get home. Whoop.
So! We moved the gate back to its original spot and tore down the old half/rotted fencing. Then put up the new privacy fencing. There was also a small section on the other side that was fenced off at the back of the house that we decided to include as part of the backyard, so we brought the new fence up to the front of the house. We now have a little "nook", or "courtyard" where we're going to put a little patio garden. My head is in the clouds already!
IF I remember correctly, my husband told me, we've added about 1100 square feet onto the existing yard by doing that. Lots of room for my son (and the dog) to run around and stretch their legs! And we had a pretty big yard to begin with.
The cyclone fence frame is still there on the south side because of the concrete foundation. We're going to paint it and I'm going to pretty it up with hanging planters, after we've stained and weather-coated the fence.
Aaaaaand I'm stopping now because I never know when to shut up.
North side. I'm a dummy and didn't take "before's" of this side.
North side. Eventually there will be flower beds planted here except for around the tree where my son's sensory swing is.
The new little "nook" or courtyard. My future patio garden oasis?
Courtyard. Ignore the terrible lack of grass.
What the courtyard looks like from the street. Ignore that shack-looking thing next to it. That's the worst-looking part of the house and we're working on it. Also ignore the weeds in the flower bed please. Working on that too. :)
South side. Cyclone fence removed, before new fence up. That's the neighbor's driveway and garage, not ours btw.
South side, before.
Where the gate was before and part of the old fence, before we took it down. The garage is to the left and the backyard is just behind it.
Yes, that's my car and that's where the gate is going to go. Right in front of it. That's the side of our house on the left. You can see the new fence on the right.
Looking at the old fence from the backyard, before it comes down. That old deck is going bye bye, too!
The old fence and gate are down and the new one is up! Yay! That's my old Escort. We're hoping to get it running for my daughter. And that's our dog, Maxine.
Want to see it again? I do! Hi, Maxine! The door of the car is open because my son wanted to sit in it. Ten bucks says his sister is going to have to drive him around in that car.
And the after's.
Last one. For now. There's still a TON of work to be done. I need a drink. How 'bout you?
Kelley Aho Phillips
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Brenda Suhling Allan Brenda Suhling Allan on Mar 19, 2016
    we're having a fence replaced, and will need to be around a tree that has grown into where the old fence was. I love in this photo that you scribed it to the tree. But I know my contractor is going to ask how you secured the fence to the tree. Could you please explain that for me? Many, many thanks! I'm a master gardener and do not want to set new posts near the tree.

  • Jeannie Jeannie on Aug 04, 2017
    Hey Kelley, My husband and I are replaceing our fence. Do you have any ideas to remove the very deep concrete post? we have tried watering down the hole and using a farm jack and trying breaking the concrete down with a steel bar but none of these have worked . "{ Help!!!

  • Rox33094499 Rox33094499 on Jun 22, 2018

    What did you use to connect the fence panels?

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  • Carol Merrill Carol Merrill on Jul 15, 2015
    Great job! Just be sure that all your metal posts are in tip top shape. So many rot at or just below the dirt line!!

  • Donny Krivanek Donny Krivanek on Aug 06, 2019

    I have a few friends that are skeptical of the project I'm about to undertake but after seeing your fence I am confident that it can be done. I have an existing 4ft chain link that I am attaching 6ft x 8ft panels to. I will be so happy when I don't have to see my neighbors horrific unmaintained trash ridden yard, and hopefully it will detour the 4 dogs they have from barking at everything that moves. I noticed this was 4 years ago and I'm curious how your fence is holding up?