Bright and Colorful Patio

Kelly Boettcher
by Kelly Boettcher
1 Month

4 years after moving into our home we finally did something with our covered patio!

This pic was taken just after the lights went up and was pretty much what it looked like for over a year.

We cleaned everything out and hung up a couple of hammock chairs. These are amazing and I love sitting in them with a book and a drink.

Then hubby had the idea to make a bar counter with inset bottle caps.

Sealing the wood

Installed the bar counter and added some bright orange metal stools. The counter looks great from a distance but we did have some issues with the poly bubbling up around the bottle caps.

Small side project on the patio. The fresh mint makes amazing mojitos!

Patio furniture is finally here!

The throw pillows tie all of the bright colors together and are stored in the coffee table when not in use.

We still need to get some hostas for under the stairs, but other than that the patio is done! Now if the temps will just settle down and allow us to actually use the space.

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  • Mary A. Baker Mary A. Baker on Aug 04, 2017
    Is your patio screened in? Maybe an indoor/outdoor ceiling fan would help with the heat. I think it would be real neat to have the bottom of colored bottles in the bar. Inlayed even with the top but not to the bottom of the wood. Sand the cut bottles off anyway, just in case. You patio looks fabulous?

  • M. M.. M. M.. on Aug 05, 2017
    Do the bottle caps get hot in the sun? I burned my arm once on a penny bar surface- didn't think it could get that hot..

  • Christine Sloane Christine Sloane on Aug 19, 2017
    where did you get the patio furniture and what' the name and maker of it?

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