How to Build a Gravel Patio: DIY 9 Steps

Ankit Kapoor
by Ankit Kapoor
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If you have some in your back or front yard, you can use these places to build a stone patio by the help of steps described below.

We all want to have an outdoor living space to take sunbath, eating snacks and enjoyment with our loved ones.

But don't be sad you can also make attractive outdoor living space by building patio in your yard at very affordable price.

If you still not understand, what is Patio?

A patio is an outdoor living space in the home backyard or front yard used for dining and recreation purposes. Simple!

There are different kinds material used in construction of patio surface like wood, natural stone, and pea gravel, etc. Pea gravel is affordable and most importantly can easily install by yourself.

So here are the 9 DIY Steps to Build a Gravel Patio.

Decide the Land Area

This is the first step in the way to build a patio. Select exactly area of land where you will build patio. You can decide the space according to your family size or budget.

Use measuring tape and note it down the size of the area, it will help in buying materials as per size requirements

Arrange the Tools and Materials

So, you have decided your space, now you have to do the arrangement of above mationed tools and materials that will be required to build this project.

Mark the Patio Boundary Line

Mark the boundary of area you have chosen. This work is necessary to avoid mistake for further task. Take the help of twine to create the perfect straight line by chalk powder or white spray paint.

Level out the Selected Land

Borders are can clearly marked and it's time to dig and clean grass inside it to make a plane surface. For smaller sized patios you can simply use shovel and wheelbarrow to remove the dirt and throw it away.

Install Frame on Ground

It is optional, but it better to build a frame with lumber of two-by-six size around the marked area to contain pea gravel. Attach accurately the two pieces of limber with corner braces and screws. You can take help best Interior Designers in Bangalore so they can guide you through this process.

Roll out the Landscape Fabric

After installing the frame, roll out the landscape fabric to cover inner part of framed area. Overlap each row of fabrics by 4 inches and pin it with landscape pins so it cannot move.

Place Pea Gravel inside Frame

Now load up pea gravel in the wheelbarrow and deposit inside the frame. Keep doing unless there is enough gravel to cover the whole surface in the frame.

Level the Pea Gravel

Level the pea gravel with help of rake. Make sure that the pea gravel should be about 3 inches lower than the frame. 

9. Arrange Seating Furniture

Now we are the last stage, your patio design is going to complete after this. Arrange the chairs at place perfect and also table if you want.

 Cheers! Your patio is ready now.

Suggested materials:
  • Pea Gravel
  • Landscaping fabric
  • Landscape Pins
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