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Lori Cohen
by Lori Cohen
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We had our gas grill For over 15 years so we were totally due for a new one! After giving a lot of thought to what I wanted to do with that area I came up with this updated look. Usually I'm just putting my gas grill on the ground. But if you look at my other post you'll see that our enormous backyard is a work in progress! This concrete paver patio with black river rock and a dark charcoal wall is and updated and zen look. Best part my husband loves it and it was under $150! Watch for part two. I'm going to build a center island with a concrete top and a fridge for my husband to cook. I figure if I make it look great he will do it willingly LOL!

Beige, blah, and boring

This was the start of our new grill area. Desert dirt and beige cinderblock didn't do much to make it exciting. Our first step was to dig out approximately 1 inch so we could set the pavers at a level placement.

Our second step was to lay the pavers down with enough room between for the River rock. I actually used my level which was the perfect width to lay between pavers as a guide. After the pavers were down we basically dumped the Black River rock in the middle of the pavers and then spread them out with a rake. So easy!

Next, time to paint the wall. I chose the Behr masonry and stucco brick paint. I started with a paint sprayer but eventually decided to roll it.

The color I chose was Dark Secret from Behr.

So blah and boring!

So much better! At night the wall looks amazing. I also added string lights across the entire wall. I love SUGRU Moldable glue. I molded the glue into a hook, stuck it on the brick wall, and let dry for 24 hours. It's black so you don't even see it but holes the lights up extremely well! Our next step is to expand the patio to the house. We are also going to build the same patio under a sectional with a fire pit. Love how this turned out can't wait to build more!

Suggested materials:
  • Concrete pavers   (Home Depot)
  • River Rock   (Home Depot)
  • Behr Masonry Paint   (Home Depot)
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  • Tracy Tracy on Apr 07, 2020

    Turned out great! You have inspited me to try this once our 6 feet of snow melts lol :)