Patio Area Needs Help! Get Ready to Gasp!

Kay Haynes
by Kay Haynes
We put the patio in about 30+ years ago. It was looking beautiful with white rock in between the slabs, but as years went by we began to have grass & weeds growing up through the rock, so OUT went the rock & then we tried QUICK CRETE which is pictured in the BEFORE picture
Patio Before
Digging out the Quick Crete
I sifted the debris first through a milk crate & then through 1/2 inch screen.
Debris cleared out.
I dug down 2 inches to the weed barrier cloth & then painted the slabs to match our deck. We added rocks again called BEACH WOOD stone , but this time we've learned how to vacuum the dirt out & we will keep it sprayed for weeds. I'm to old to do this again!
New paint & new rocks. FINISHED
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  • Jo Jo on May 01, 2018

    Where are the answers to the questions?

  • Penni Evans Penni Evans on Aug 14, 2020

    what kind of paint did you use? I tried spray painting the concert at the bottom of the steps but it came off. Would so love to paint it and have the paint last. Thanks. Great project!!!!

  • Smi51808053 Smi51808053 on Jul 31, 2021

    How to paint brick outdoors rocks

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  • Darrel Rose Darrel Rose on Jul 01, 2018

    I believe she meant she sifted out the dirt with the screening, it's like vacuuming I think this is what she meant, don't think anyone would vacuum dirt and debris

  • Jenny Jenny on Sep 06, 2020

    My late Dad used to put a sieve over an old wet/dry vacuum cleaner and vacuum the silt out that way.