Patio Concrete Update

by Michelle
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4 Hours
So, this weeks challenge is a before and after home repair project. I have lived in my house for almost 17 years. I had my house built and when I did, I had them extend the patio so I could some day buy a hot tub. Well, that day has come! Finally, after 17 years we have a hot tub! But, this post is specifically about the concrete patio.
You see, my patio was bare most of its life. At one time I had stained it, but the Arizona sun ate that in a few short years.
I had used my patio for many spray painting and staining projects :) and it needed a good cleaning and new finish before the hot tub arrived.
To clean it well and etch the concrete, I used "Rust-oleum clean and etch for concrete". I followed the directions and wore gloves, eye protection and boots. Safety first!
I waited a day to make sure it dried completely and then began applying "BEHR extra textured Deck Over" It's a very thick, rubbery coating. Here's the problem, it takes about twice as much as what the can says! And this stuff is not cheap at $35.00 per gallon. According to the can, I should have been able to do my entire patio with the recommended 2 coats with about 3 cans and have a little left took 5 cans and I didn't get that second coat completed, but left the area that the hot tub was going with just one coat, since the hot tub would be covering it anyway. I also noticed, when I got to the bottom few inches of the first can, that all the sand (that's what makes it thick) was at the bottom and had not been thoroughly mixed. When I had gone through the 3 cans, I went back over to Home Depot and let them know I needed more and that the can is way off on how much it will cover. The representative from BEHR happened to be there and asked me a bunch of questions including "how long had I waited from the time I bought it until the time I applied it" I live across the street from Home Depot and I had driven straight home and applied it. I had told him about the sand at the bottom and he asked how long they had mixed it. (you can do just about any color you want, so it has to be mixed just like paint) They said 2 minutes. It should be mixed for 10 minutes. I got my 2 new cans, mixed for 10 minutes, and one for free, since it didn't cover the way it was supposed to.
The second coat went on better than the first and here is my newly coated patio! It hoses off and looks like new! No more spray painting on the patio! I am very happy with the end result icon
Suggested materials:
  • Rust-oleum clean and etch   (Home Depot)
  • BEHR extra textured Deck Over   (Home Depot)
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