Simple Garden Patio for a Small Space

by Ivylore
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My daughter did not like to "lay out" in the garden because of the "bugs." So I decided to create a small patio in the back of my garden just for her (lucky girl! :)) There was a small area in front of the raised garden that was just the right size. I decided to make it 6ft. x 10ft. which would be plenty of room for a lounge chair and a small cafe table and chairs that we have.
This is the chocolate mint that had taken over that area in front of the raised garden. I decided to pull it all out.
This is the area cleared of the chocolate mint.
I just laid out a landscaping liner just to visualize the size and where I wanted the patio. It was removed in order to dig up the ground (4in deep) and was not needed after that.
I found the perfect concrete tiles (size 24in x 24in)- they are called "Lake Superior Square Patio Stone." I recruited my two son-in-laws to do the heavy manual labor. They dug up a 4in deep area, then covered that with sand (we ordered one yard of sand and there was about a barrel full of sand remaining after they filled the area).
After leveling out the sand, they carefully placed the patio stones on top. Their job was done!

I finished it off by adding some marble chips and mulch around the edges.
It still looked kind of bare, so I planted some varieties of sedum around it, hoping they will spread all around it in a couple of years.
I added some garden accents that I had: a few peacock stepping stones and some peacocks. Ta-da! ~ a cute little patio from which to sit and enjoy the beautiful garden (or lay out in the sun :))
The finished patio area
A beautiful peacock garden sculpture and the flowers growing around my little patio. Sweet retreat! (as of July 2015)
The patio is near my swing, so it can be an additional seating area for entertaining. I love my little patio!
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  • Theresa Johnson Theresa Johnson on Mar 31, 2019

    What was the final cost?

  • Kathy Kendl Kathy Kendl on Apr 01, 2019

    I was wondering what you put between the tiles? Is that concrete or...? Not sure what the filler was that you used. Your patio looks cute.

  • Shawn K Shawn K on Apr 09, 2019

    I am really going to try to this project in my back yard this summer. My questions are these.. it appears that you have a concrete or grout substance between the tiles? Is that correct? Or does it just appear that way because the sand was grey? (Or was the sand wet)? And was that a specific type of sand? I think the only sand I've seen ppl use around here is tan. I'd like to duplicate the look you created, but if you used a filler, I'd need to know that part. Are you concerned that the stones will shift without one?

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