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Adding lights to your back porch or patio is the perfect way to transform your space into a magical place where you can chill out and relax. There are many different types of patio lights like string lights or solar lights that you can install yourself. The perfect patio light will cast a beautiful glow in the evening and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space for longer hours each night.

Patio Lights (Illuminations Lighting Concepts)

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Outdoor Patio Lights

Breathe new life onto your back porch or outdoor space with a creative DIY patio light. Sometimes unconventional materials can be recycled into a new functional home accent. These Hometalkers used materials like jars, flower pots and baskets to create their DIY patio light projects.

Mason Jar Patio Light

Patio Lighting Ideas (Beth at Unskinny Boppy)

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If you are a fan of rustic farmhouse decor then you will love this project from Beth at Unskinny Boppy. Inspired by an upscale Pottery Barn light fixture, she decided to DIY her own patio light with a wooden ladder and some mason jars. The mason jars can hold lit candles or solar lights. This DIY patio light makes a great focal point for outdoor entertaining.

Floor Lamp Outdoor Light 

Outdoor Patio Lights (Rustic & Refined)

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Rustic & Refined made this funky outdoor chandelier by combining two light fixtures into one. She took an old chandelier and floor lamp and removed the wiring. Then she painted the light fixtures and screwed them together. Candles were added to the top part for romantic and dramatic lighting near the patio.

Plastic Flower Pot Patio Light

Hanging Patio Lights (Julien K., Hometalk Team)

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If you have an awkward area of your patio that needs a little light this project might be just what you need. Julien painted a $2 plastic flower pot and hung it from a chain. After that she placed a small battery operated tap light inside, which provided just enough light for a little late night reading on the back porch

Easy Wire Patio Lightshade 

Wire Patio Lights (Creatively Living)

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If you want to replace your porch light but the thought of rewiring a light fixture by yourself makes you cringe, this DIY patio light project from Creatively Living might be a good option. Use a wire basket in place of a glass shade and replace the regular bulb with a funky Edison bulb. This easy fix is trendy and makes a big impact.

Solar Powered Patio Lights

Solar powered patio lights are a great option for outdoor spaces like porches and gardens. These inexpensive lights will store the energy from the sun during the day and automatically turn on once the sun goes down. There are many ways to use solar-powered lights on your patio. Here are a few of the best DIY ideas.

Solar Powered Chandelier

Solar Patio Lights (Tammy)

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Recycle an old chandelier into a patio light like Tammy did to create this stunning solar patio light. Remove the light bulbs and wiring from an old chandelier and spray paint it. Then, attach solar lights to each arm of the chandelier. This dramatic patio light will be a great conversation piece amongst your guests.

DIY Water Drop Solar Lights

Solar Outdoor Lights (Handan & Greg @ The Navage Patch)

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Add a little magic to your yard with these solar lights made from glass watering globes and plumbing pipe pieces. Handan & Greg @ The Navage Patch shows us how to create these gorgeous water drop solar lights that look great during the day and when they are lit up at night.

Solar Powered Mushroom Lights

Solar Powered Light Ideas (Maria)

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Make a mystical mushroom solar light for your garden with supplies from the dollar store. Maria used vases and bowls purchased for only one dollar and stacked them on top of one another. She placed a solar light inside the vase and then set the bowl on top. She secured the light with double-sided tape. After the sun goes down the mushrooms will give off a soft light in the garden.

Glass Bowl Dollar Store Lights

Dollar Store Light Ideas (GrandmasHouseDIY)

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GrandmasHouseDIY shares a unique patio lighting idea using plumbing pipes, glass chandelier bowls and dollar store lights. She secured the plumbing flanges to the fence posts and attached the glass bowls with Gorilla Glue. Then she placed solar lights into the bowls for professional looking patio lighting.

Patio String Lights

String lights are a classic and easy way to add lighting to your patio. With so many different styles available like soft twinkle lights or industrial looking Edison bulbs there is a look for everyone.

How to Hang String Lights on the Patio

Patio String Lights (Placeofmytaste)

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The easiest way to decorate your back porch with string lights is to simply hang them up like Placeofmytaste did on their back deck. She added wood boards to the corners of the deck and then screwed metal eye hooks into the top of each board. After that she hung lights from each of the screws, crisscrossing over the deck. This is a simple DIY that anyone can add to their porch for a dramatic effect.

Pendant Banner String Lights 

String Lights Ideas (Creatively Living)

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Creatively Living found a fun way to recycle Christmas lights and keep them up all year long. After removing the glass bulbs they spray painted the lights white. Triangles made from fabric were added to the cord and then they reinserted the lights. This cute banner can be hung on your porch at any time of the year.

Plastic Shot Glass Patio Lights 

Outdoor String Lights Ideas (Jennifer | CrazyDiyMom)

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Another way to jazz up a strand of ordinary sting lights is to add plastic shot lights to the bulbs. Make holes in the bottom of the glasses and poke the bulbs through the hole. Use hot glue to secure the bulb to the plastic shot glass. These fun patio lights will keep the party going all night long.

Patio Light Wreath

Patio Lights Wreath Ideas (Angie CountryChicCottage)

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If you want to try a different way to use string lights in your patio then this project might be for you. Make the llights into a wreath by wrapping the cord around a metal wreath base. Then screw the bulbs back in and plug the wreath in for a fun outdoor glow.

Terra Cotta Pot Solar Lights 

Terra Cotta Pot Solar Lights (Diane S)

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If you like the look of nautical decor then this lighthouse made from terracotta pots might be a fun project to try. Pain the pots and then stack them on top of one another.. Add a clear glass lantern to the top and place solar lights inside. When it gets dark outside the lighthouse will begin to shine. This is an adorable light to adorn your patio seating area.

No matter your style or skill level there is a DIY patio lighting project for you. Make your outdoor area a place where friends and family will love to gather for company and long conversations after the sun goes down.

Which one of these ideas is your favorite? Share with us in the comments!

Written for the Hometalk community by:  Adrienne Carrie Hubbard | Crafty Little Gnome

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