Snare Those Awful Fruit Flies!

Jeanette S
by Jeanette S

These nasty little creatures drive me nuts! Hubby read in his "Handy Dandy Cure for Everything Book" how to get rid of fruit flies. Get a small glass (mine are small candle holders), mix Apple Cider Vinegar (I had only red wine Vinegar and it worked), 2 drops dish washing liquid, mix well. Set away from where people gather and it draws them-notice flies sitting on rim. The light colored jar is what I poured out of my jar where I soak white raisins in gin (cheap gin) and take a couple tablespoons of raisins a day for aching joints. (Does this old home remedy work on your joints? Don't know, but I think the gin helps...HA! And the flies love it!) FYI...I seem to get these only in the summer. The "Book" says they are brought in with plants and fruit. That seems logical.

These are the two combinations of "cocktails" for the fruit flies. It has been less than a week-you can see it is working.

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  • Chekiter Esther Chekiter Esther on Feb 05, 2017
    Had these nasty things too! Used apple cider or regular vinegar, pinch of sugar and 3 or 4 drops of Dawn dish soap in a shot glass. Put it in the corner on the countertop and it worked! Seems thousands were in the glass! Now I set them all over the house, just in case. May catch a few, but not as many as before and its so nice!

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    • Anna Anna on Jan 26, 2019


  • I use the bottom of an envelope that has been shipped and turned into a cone, then placed over the jars. So the flies can get in but not out 😬