How Mold Inspectors Can Save You Money ?

by Ivanward
If you haven’t had your home inspected formold recently (or ever), there’s no reason not to. Perhaps you think if the inspectordoesn’t find mold, then the inspection was unnecessary and a waste of money,or, if there is mold, you cannotafford to enlist professional mold removal services in your home anyway; perhapsyou see this as a no-win situation.
A mold inspection may not be included inevery homeowner’s budget, but that’s not to say it shouldn’t be. A moldinspector can save you much more than he or she costs you, be it from worry orfrom the real financial, safety, and health risks associated with mold growthin your home.
PotentialOutcomes of a Home Mold Inspection
There are two possible outcomes when a moldinspector takes a look at your home or tests the indoor air quality (IAQ):there is either mold developing in your home or there is not. In other words,you will either need to move forward booking professional mold removal or youwill not. Regardless of the outcome, an inspection is the only possible way youcan live in a home that you know is mold-free, and this is certainly worth thecost of having one.
A MoldInspector Prevents Further Mold and Moisture Damage
We’ll first discuss the potential outcomethat you have mold. Mold inspectors are certified and trained to detect allmold in your home. Moreover, they’re equipped with the required tools to do so.During a thorough moldinspection, the inspector will gather indoor air samples to send to anaccredited laboratory, where they will be analyzed and tested. In other words,the inspector will be able to report back to you and tell you, for certain,whether or not there are mold spores present. This is something you must know,in order to prevent the cost of mold-related damage from going up and toprevent the many health hazards associated with mold exposure.
Mold growth indicates excess moisture. Whenthere’s excess moisture the condition of your home is compromised, as buildingmaterials may slowly (or quickly!) deteriorate. If mold isn’t addressed, notonly will you incur the cost of an expanding mold problem but you’ll incur thecost of water damage restoration services—something you’ll need to ensure yourhome is once again dry and, subsequently, without the problems brought on byexcess moisture.
AMold Inspector Prevents Further Health Risks and Health Care Costs
In addition, you may rack up significanthealth-related costs. You may have a hefty medical bill after dealing withworsened asthmaor other respiratory issues linked to mold exposure. Likely worse though isthat you may experience a wide range of symptoms, ranging from mild to severe,when you’re exposed to mold frequently or for a prolonged period of time. Yourreaction to mold will depend on how sensitive you are, how much you’ve beenexposed to the mold spores, and whether or not you’re more susceptible—peoplewith an already-weakened immune system, for instance, tend to be more affectedby mold exposure.
A MoldInspector Frees You from Mold-Related Worries
If the mold inspector reports that, infact, your home is mold-free and there is no need to be concerned, that’swonderful. Know that this confirmation should not be taken for granted, as onlywith it can you rest assured your health and the health of your family membersis not at risk. In this case, the mold inspector has likely saved you fromsleepless nights and endless questioning—never truly knowing if your indoorliving environment is contributing to ill-health or if your home’s structuralintegrity is at risk.
To conclude, a mold inspector can save youthe cost of further damage to your home and your health when he or she detectsmold in the home. On the other hand, if the inspector declares your homemold-free, you need no longer worry that you and your family could be inhaling hazardous moldspores. While it’s true a mold inspection is an investment, it’s certainly oneyou’re better off making.
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