How to Use Irish Spring as Garden Pest Repellent

If you want a more natural way of repelling garden pests, look no further than your bathroom vanity. Irish Spring has been a gardener's best friend for decades, because it can be effective at keeping plant eating pests out of your garden!
You can find Irish Spring at your local dollar store, making this a budget friendly task!
Grab a grater at the dollar store while you are there. It will be perfect for grating the soap.
We sprinkled some around recently planted seeds, so they would have a chance to grow before the critters found them!
Find out more about protecting your garden seeds and plants using Irish Spring soap below!
The Homespun Hydrangea
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Frequently asked questions
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  • Barbara Cole Barbara Cole on May 01, 2019

    Does the odor from the soap not penetrate the food?

  • Joyce Joyce on May 08, 2019

    Won't it make the veggies taste soapy when they finally start growing especially if it rains & gets the soap wet & foamy?

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  • Her33252219 Her33252219 on Apr 30, 2019


  • Donna Miller Donna Miller on May 01, 2019

    Yes. The rabbits and deer are eating everything including a beautiful hemlock tree. I spray frequently but can't keep up with them. I am going to plant marigolds everywhere and buy a dozen Irish Spring soap bars.