Natural Gnat and Fruit Fly Killer

Jean Marie
by Jean Marie

I have a gazillion apples to peel and can. I just cannot keep up with the scrapes and all the gnats and fruit flies in my kitchen. I did not want to use chemical fly spray around all of my kitchen. So I pondered how to get rid of the fruit flies. I put up a sticky fly strips - and I could not get them close enough to the sinks to attract. I used the vinegar and water or sugar in a bowl... still my apples were too appealing.

I was thinking - "I just want to make them immobile". Well glue - no - then I thought of spray starch. I was floored. I sprayed right into the swarm and within minutes they were dropping to be rinsed down the sink. No chemicals to worry about on my food or in nooks and crannies of cupboards.

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