are mimossa trees considered weeds?

Gwenda R
by Gwenda R
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  • Alan J Alan J on Jun 11, 2012
    I just heard from a friend over the weekend that "yes", they are. Now..... maybe that means "they grow like weeds". I don't know. They do grow FAST. But to me, they are absolutely beautiful. But they are finicky. Mine died last year, I gave it one more shot this spring (and nothing). Now the little suckers are popping up from the stump. I'm going to let them go.

  • Walter Reeves Walter Reeves on Jun 11, 2012
    they are considered weeds because they are non-native and can be invasive. Even so, the silky pink flowers are awful pretty and the tree is short-lived due to soil fungi. I wouldn't say you have to cut down one you enjoy in your landscape.

  • Alice G Alice G on Jun 11, 2012
    I had a Mimosa in my yard up north. it was beautiful in bloom. I miss it here in Florida

  • Melissa K Melissa K on Jun 11, 2012
    I had one that volunteered in my yard several years ago, kept cutting it back however after letting it flower one year, it has now developed into a large-trunked nuisance. Maybe if were in the back yard...but as it stands, it wants to shade my flower yard.

  • Erica Glasener Erica Glasener on Jun 11, 2012
    It all depends on where you live. I would not recommend one for Georgia or the South, I spent many hours getting rid of one in my garden.

  • Leslie D Leslie D on Jun 11, 2012
    The one I have is considered a Demon. I swear I've killed it 10 times, but it keeps coming back.

  • Patricia Mayne Patricia Mayne on Jun 11, 2012
    They grow like weeds and their roots spread under the ground and new trees keep popping up. We had 3 rather large ones cut down but they are growing back. Need something stronger than RoundUp to kill them.

  • Alan J Alan J on Jun 12, 2012
    Hmmm... sounds like I might want to reconsider letting new growth happen from the stump of the old one.

  • Alice G Alice G on Jun 12, 2012
    I don't know what all the hype is about this tree. I had one in my yard up north and when it was in bloom it was just beautiful. As far as new seedlings you just pull them out of the ground I had many friends have me make little trees for them so they could enjoy them too Get over it people its still not as bad as pulling weeds.

  • Ricardo B Ricardo B on Jun 12, 2012
    I am partial to these great shade providing trees. They reach out like an umbrella and at least one specimen in the yard really makes for great curb appeal. When we moved into our "just built" home in Georgia about six years ago, there was a full sized one close to the edge of our property line. I spent weeks digging out invasive Privitt, Thorny vines and China Berry from around, I was so glad I did because it rewarded me with shade and those great fluffy looking magenta blossums. It really anchored that part of my yard and as long as I mowed up the bean pods, I had no problems with new growth. Even though the roots do stick up above ground... I think that adds to the over all look of the tree. I avoided mowing under it so I wouldn't skin up the root and cause suckers to grow.

  • Alice G Alice G on Jun 12, 2012
    Your right Ricardo it did wonders for my impatience with the shade and the shape of it was just like an umbrella. I wish they would grow here in Florida i would have several.

  • Gwenda R Gwenda R on Jun 12, 2012
    thank you! My husband wanted to cut it down because someone said it was a weed.He has never seen one, especially in bloom.

  • Linda G Linda G on Jun 12, 2012
    My husband thinks so..he hates having to clean up the mess Mimosa leave ...

  • Karen C Karen C on Jun 12, 2012
    well ive seen that weed grow to be a full size tree that my cousins and I could climb in. I have one in my yard and love it.

  • Deb W Deb W on Jun 12, 2012
    You have to smell the flowers..they fill the air with the most beautiful aroma..I Love mine..

  • Angela J Angela J on Jun 13, 2012
    The only problem i have with my mimosa trees is that thier flowers are constantly falling into my pool. As big as a pain in it is skimming them constantly out of of the pool, i just can't bring myself to cut the darn things back! They're too pretty.

  • Karen C Karen C on Jun 24, 2012
    there is even a dark leaved varitey called a chocolate mimosa and its beautiful

  • MOnica S MOnica S on Jun 30, 2012
    My granmother always said a rose bush in a corn field is a weed so if the plant is where you want it and you like it is not a weed its your plant take care of it and enjoy it.

  • Gwenda R Gwenda R on Jul 01, 2012
    Thanks Monica! Ours is growing from underneath the edge of our house...I wanted to move it,but its so beautiful...hoping for seedlings!

  • Ellen H Ellen H on Jul 13, 2012
    In a rural area or near woodlands, mimosas are very invasive. If you live in the country in the South (like me) you cannnot help but notice how the mimosas spread through pastures and uncultivated fields and into the edges of the woods. All those beautiful flowers produce seeds. Mimosa, privet and Japanese honeysuckle are some of the most invasive plants in the area where I live. All are fragrant and beautiful - that fruit in the Garden of Eden was beautiful too and look where that got us.

  • Ellen H Ellen H on Jul 13, 2012
    Look on the internet for a list of invasive plants in your area. What is invasive here may not be invasive in your state.

  • Ricardo B Ricardo B on Jul 17, 2012
    Nandina is invasive here. Good plants to have in certain places but when they break out on their own... bad, plant.

  • Melissa K Melissa K on Jul 18, 2012
    Just an update, my husband and I decided to rid the yard of this tree once and for all two days ago. He had to get the truck to pull up the 3 ft tall tree (kept cutting it back) because the root system extended for about 15 feet into the flower bed and obviously across the driveway (which we cut off). This tree has been trying to live here for about 15 years, but did not know it's root system would do this. Hopefully goodbye mimosa!

  • Melissa K Melissa K on Jul 18, 2012
    Gwenda, this does not sound good. Check out what I just wrote because the root system of this dog is enormous to be coming from uder your house

  • Katrina Wylie Katrina Wylie on Jul 18, 2012
    Anything growing where you don't want it is a weed.