Asked on Jul 20, 2014

About to give up

Maria C
by Maria C
It's been more than a couple years that I start growing herbs, perennials and some trees, but it's seems that every year my plants start doing good and then all kind of bugs, pests and creeps come to my garden and make it so difficult to me since I am trying no to use chemicals on my garden, I all ready use soapy water to deter some but seems it's not enough, few days back I've notice my zinnia and cornflower flowers look brown on the top look close with out notice nothing but today I was waking close and freez up my head seen something little waking on the petals of one of them and there you go this is what I found, can someone help me to identify this little creep and how to get rid of them my flowers have tons of them.
q bugs garden pest repellant, gardening
q bugs garden pest repellant, gardening
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  • Mary Thorne Mary Thorne on Jul 21, 2014
    These are cutworms. The best way to protect young plants from cutworms is to place a paper or cardboard collar around your seedlings and transplants. Press the collars down into the soil an inch or so. You can remove these collars later in the season. If you notice cutworm damage, dig around in the soil near the affected plants. Chances are that you will find a few cutworms relaxing before their next round of destruction. Destroy them before they get to any more of your seedlings! If you've had major problems with cutworms, avoid them by doing most of your planting in mid to late June, after most of them have dug into the soil to pupate.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jul 21, 2014
    Generally speaking it's good to have bugs in your garden, and the more the better, because the good ones will often take care of the bad. However, that looks like it could be a type of armyworm, and they are certainly on the bad list. The usual recommendation for control is Bt, Bacilllus thuringiensis. I would check with your local extension office for specific recommendations for your area.

  • Vanessa Grace Vanessa Grace on Jul 21, 2014
    I had luck this year with a mixture of water and peppermint extract or essential oil in a spray bottle which I used on my tomatoes and peppers. That worm looks like something I was dealing with but never was able to identify it.

    • Debe Debe on Jul 21, 2014
      I use peppermint and water for small bugs and it turned my foliage brown. Smelled good tho. I now use the peppermint spray in corners on my porch to annoy spiders. It works but repeat is necessary about every 4-5 days.

  • Joyce Boshell Joyce Boshell on Jul 21, 2014
    My Boston Ferns have little black caterpillars eating holes in the fronds and leaving droppings on my porch. What can I use to get rid of the caterpillars?

  • Marianne Cerrito Marianne Cerrito on Jul 21, 2014
    I just bought Neem oil ( organic Bayer product). Have to give it a few weeks to see if it works .., every 7 days reapply with Sprayer

  • Lynn Lynn on Jul 21, 2014
    Not a cut worm but one of a million of "inch" worms maybe army worms or such, Yes, troublesome, and can be very damaging. We used to get similar on our large that you couldn't walk under the trees without getting them in your hair..........YUK! This was informative from organic, to questionable solutions. Difficult life cycle to control it seems. I agree with Douglas in the BT as a first trial.

  • Maria C Maria C on Jul 21, 2014
    Thank you all you guys for the help

  • Irish53 Irish53 on Jul 21, 2014
    Google Jerry Baker. He has a lot of recipes for getting rid of all kinds of bugs.

  • Ingeborg Fischer Ingeborg Fischer on Jul 23, 2014
    dont use a spray take the water from your washingmachine when you wash caterpillars and any bugs dont like soapy waqshing powder water it helps my trees and lemontree roses

  • Jonnie Hammon Jonnie Hammon on Oct 04, 2015
    They have lots of books on Organic pest control, like crushed egg shells keep slugs away, but also companion planting aids in pest control, as well. They have tons of books on that, as well. Tawny, keep members of the rodent family at bay, onions keep ants away. All of your answers are within reach, so don't give up.

  • Jonnie Hammon Jonnie Hammon on Oct 04, 2015
    Oh, oops, I forgot. You will need to make a box frame to put over the Tandy, then make a screen out of chicken wire, to prevent children, and pets from eating it. Although is can bee used medicinally, after it is prepared, it is poison in it's raw form.