How can I kill poison ivy?

I have a huge magnolia tree that I have trimmed and planted all kinds of pretty plants under it, but I also have a huge spread of poison ivy growing under it. I am very allergic to poison ivy. What can I do? I have sprayed everything under the sun but it still comes back year after year. How can I kill it once and for all?
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jun 03, 2017
    Drown it in cleaning vinegar, preferably in blazing hot sun if possible. Do full strength. Best applied in a pump sprayer if you have one. Good luck!

  • Gregg Gregg on Jun 04, 2017
    Ortho poison ivy killer works well. Unfortunately poison ivy has trailing roots, so you may have to retreat.

  • Denise Denise on Jun 04, 2017
    It's very hard to kill. However, I suggest planting orange spotted jewelweed seed as a natural skin preventive and treatment for poison ivy and poison oak reactions. Jewelweed is in the impatiens family so it needs some shade.