How do I get rid of stink bugs on my tomato plans?

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  • Willie Willie on Dec 25, 2017
    Use neem oil & Castile 100% pure soap mixture in a spray bottle. Won't hurt your plants and rinsed right off . Hope this helps you & Merry Christmas.

  • Ginny Ginny on Dec 25, 2017
    Do stink bugs do any harm indoors or outdoors? I have one or two in my house now in a stairwell that I cannot reach. They are dear or are just hanging around.

  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Dec 25, 2017
    I hate those dang stink bugs too! I have spent quite a bit of time looking for ways to get rid of them with little success so far! From the resear I’ve done they have very few predators that will even eat them! Best suggestions I’ve found so far is to use a shop vac to suck them up in and let die in the vac. Apparently they have a short life span so they don’t live long! Although for good measure I have added some bleach inside my shop vac and even spray bug poison down my shop vac with it on sucking the spray into the vac. I want to make sure their good and dead! LOL
    I have literalily sucked up thousands of stink bugs and it doesn’t seem to slow them down from spreading a bit! I have spent whole days going around my home inside and out sucking up every stink bug I can find and there’s another one to replace the ones I sucked up the next day! So I’m not sure what a good long term answer is to get rid of them completely yet? If you ever find one let me know! Their a horrible bug and not afraid of humans at all. I have them fly right into my face all the time! Any threat to them and they really do stink awful and the smell not easily washed off!

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Dec 26, 2017
    Neem oil will do the trick!