How do you get rid of slugs?

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  • Patti Patti on Jun 01, 2017
    Crush egg shells place around plants, slugs do not like to crawl on them. Diatomaceous Earth can also be used.

  • Amanda Grimh Amanda Grimh on Jun 01, 2017
    Diatomaceous Earth is actually bad for bees so I would suggest avoiding it at all costs.

    Other ways to remove slugs (that I found on are the following:
    1. Make A Beer Trap - Simply half bury a container into the soil, close to any particularly vulnerable plants you have, and half fill it with beer. The scent of the beer will lure slugs, which will fall in and get stuck in the container. If you keep the rim of the container 2-3cm above the ground then you won’t accidentally catch any slug-eating ground beetles.
    2. Get Your Plants On Side - A gentle way to get rid of slugs is by using plants which deter them to act as a natural pesticide so you can keep them at bay without the use of chemicals. Astrantia gives off a scent which repels slugs, Other plants that deter slugs are wormwood, rue, fennel, anise and rosemary.
    3. Create A Prickly Barrier - Slugs are soft-bodied molluscs so sharp, prickly barriers are a great way to deter them from precious plants. Using crushed egg shells, pine needles or thorny cuttings from your own garden are a great way to create barriers and recycle unwanted leftovers and foliage. Alternatively if you have any sharp sand lying around this is also a great material to use, just make sure to check whatever you’re using won’t change the soil quality as this will have a knock on effect on your plants.
    4. Lay Down Copper Tape - The slime from slugs reacts with copper, giving the slug a tiny electric shock that deters it from getting to your plants. By laying down self-adhesive copper tape in your garden you can section off areas you don’t wish the slugs to stray in to. The tape can be attached to greenhouse staging, potted plants, raised beds – anything that needs protecting from these hungry molluscs.

    I hope this helps you.

  • Treva Kirby Adams Treva Kirby Adams on Jun 01, 2017
    We set out a shallow dish filled with beer - the slugs die in the dish. Yucky to empty but it works well and is inexpensive..

  • Frank J Perruccio Frank J Perruccio on Jun 01, 2017
    Use slugo

  • SLO SLO on Jun 01, 2017