How do you keep insects/caterpillars/snails from eating your plants.

by Peg
I would like to know which is a good product to apply to vegetable plants to get rid of caterpillars, snails, etc... from eating the plants.

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  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jun 23, 2018
    Since you have vegetable plants being attacked by common garden pests one course of action is to use "companion plants" with the vege plants. One of the best for tomatoes is Marigolds, they repel many pests. Look up under Google to see the companion plants for what you are growing.
    For the slugs/snail population I would sprinkle Epsom salt on the soil around the plants. It contains magnesium sulfate and will dissolve the snails as they cross it to get to your plants. It also is a nutrient.
    You could also use just plain table salt to get rid of the snails, but it has no nutrient value. That is what I use when I see them on the deck.

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    • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jun 24, 2018
      Kosher salt has no nutrient value for the plants, use Epsom salt around the plants, gently sprinkle around them and not on them...limiting that to every other week.
      You can use any kind of salt on your patio, deck, screens, etc.

  • Margaret Margaret on Jun 23, 2018
    sprinkle cornstarch around plants

  • Connie Quine Connie Quine on Jun 23, 2018
    Sevin dust powder sprinkled on will work for most caterpillars and snails, and a large variety of other insects. You can pick it up at your garden center, and even some dollar stores carry it. Happy gardening!

  • BRIAN BRIAN on Jun 23, 2018
    baby powder