How to eliminate weeds and grass from under our trees

by Lornarohr
Do I have to trim all the weeds and grass from under our trees to make the yard look nice? Or, can I just put landscape fabric and mulch around our trees and then we can mow with our riding lawn mower around the mulch that we put down?

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  • Rae Rae on Jun 24, 2018
    I have had better luck with killing off the weeds before using landscape fabric. I have even just weed wacked down to the dirt in a lot of areas and it looks nice to not have weeds growing up around the trunk of the tree. I have a zero turn mower and that seems to keep the grass down fairly well with the occasional trimming to get the shape back.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Jun 24, 2018
    If you are going to use mulch... I would put down some sort of border to help keep the mulch from migrating out into the area you are going to mow.

  • Yat29536580 Yat29536580 on Jun 24, 2018
    If you use mulch, do not make it too high. Tree roots need oxygen to live so they will need a way for water and air to get down into the soil. Do not pile a mound of mulch around the trunks; this will create a space for rodents and insects to hide out and disease to attack the tree trunks. Keep mulch several feet away from trunks. A ground cover such as ajuga or liriope muscari planted in a circle under the spread of the trees will crowd out the weeds and always look good.