How to keep deer out of a small garden?

Billy C. Parker
by Billy C. Parker
  5 answers
  • Ken Ken on Jan 03, 2018
    Deer Out. Keeps them out of a large garden too. Just takes more.

  • Scafool Scafool on Jan 03, 2018
    There is a community garden where I live that uses netting to keep the deer from eating their gardens. The netting is like gill net for fishing. The gardeners string it up horizontal (like a blanket) just high enough over the garden to prevent the plants from being tangled in it. You might need to raise the netting after the garden has grown a bit. It is the only thing I have seen that actually stops the deer from eating the gardens.

  • Katie Katie on Jan 03, 2018
    We used to put our hair cuttings down around the area. Human smell is supposed to stop the deer.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jan 03, 2018
    About the only way for sure is a good fence! If you plan to garden, a 4' cyclone fence would be good. If you are handy you can put it up yourself. Keep in mind that deer are pretty strong and can damage decorative fences.

    If you live in a rural area, try an electric fence. It won't hurt them, but it sure will keep them away.