Is there a product I can use to kill ticks in my yard? I have 3 dogs

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 13, 2017
    There are products available that state they are pet friendly. I use a granular insect killer for fleas,ticks etc and just treat one area at a time so my dogs can go out .It does not make that long for the product to get into the ground one day at most.

    • Mar Mar on Jun 16, 2017
      Me too. I just go to the hardware store and start reading the bags til I find one that kills ticks and fleas. Then I spread it by hand - don't have a spreader - starting at the house and working out. I do it in spring and again in August. My dog has never had a tick or fleas.

  • Whitney Whitney on Jun 13, 2017
    We use Wondercide on our lawn for our dog. They use natural ingredients so you can literally spray it and let your dogs out in it and it won't hurt them. They will probably want to avoid it since the main ingredient is cedar oil and dogs (at least my dog) doesn't like the smell of it, lol. Here is a link (no it is not an affiliate link):

  • Equ20917472 Equ20917472 on Jun 14, 2017
    Beneficial nematodes will get rid of the fleas and ticks

  • Teresa Krupa-Docherty Teresa Krupa-Docherty on Jun 14, 2017
    Plant lemongrass. Fleas and ticks hate it! Use a spray of essential oils of lemongrass, lavender, or peppermint on your babies ( and yourself) to keep them off their fur and bringing them indoors.

  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Jun 16, 2017
    My friends live on 10 acres and they have a professional come and spray for mosquito's and tick's in the are that they reside. It really works, there are no moquito's or ticks. I'm not sure what they spray, but it is pet and child friendly. I would (if you can spare the $$$) have a professional come out.