my garden is comming up and doing well but how do you keep rabbits out they are eating my tomato plants

Patricia B
by Patricia B
my garden is comming up and doing well but how do you keep rabbits out of it they re eating my tomato plants
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  • you can purchase small wire garden fence that simply pushes into the ground with metal stakes. They really do not climb so this only needs to be a foot or two high in order for it to work.

  • Walter Reeves Walter Reeves on May 25, 2012
    Good advice from Woodbridge...and despite other advice to the contrary, I've never had rabbits dig under a fence.

  • Nancy Rhodes C Nancy Rhodes C on May 26, 2012
    Patricia, you can borrow my big black cat MAGIC. He has brought through the pet door onto the back porch several rabbits this year. Oh how pitiful and sad but he was doing what cats do and there have been no more rabbits hopping around my garden. Get an outside cat with claws and cat sense.

  • Patricia B Patricia B on May 26, 2012
    LOL!! I got 2 cats outside and they are so old and lazy the rabbits would hop all over them and they would just lay and laugh at them.

  • Nancy Rhodes C Nancy Rhodes C on May 27, 2012
    Hahahahaha. I wish Magic would not kill the rabbits. The rabbits are so playful and do not bother my veggie garden so long I don't plant lettuce.

  • Kathy H Kathy H on May 27, 2012
    Sprinkle cayanne pepper all around and on your plants. Works for me every time!

  • Carolyn Hoxton Carolyn Hoxton on May 25, 2014
    I have tried everything, about ready to give up, my hubby said they jumped over the chicken wire today, and it's 2 ft high...they are annoying

  • Julia Julia on Sep 05, 2015
    Try blood and bone in the garden beds. Rabbits are vegetarians and hate it

  • Carolyn Hoxton Carolyn Hoxton on Sep 06, 2015
    Wire around..chicken rwire..small holes is about the only solution

  • Tonya Dee Mihm Tonya Dee Mihm on Oct 09, 2015
    Plant marigolds around the garden, they keep away the pests...the rabbits don't like the marigolds, so they stay away, helps keep some "bad" bugs away too! Also, the chicken wire helps a lot...just put a few posts in the ground, and then put the chicken wire around it...its simple and its inexpensive...hope this helps.

  • JoAnn Dibeler JoAnn Dibeler on Dec 19, 2015
    I have heard dryer sheets

  • Danny-Leigh Hill Danny-Leigh Hill on Mar 10, 2016
    You can also get some old rags soaked in some old stinky perfume and put them at the 4 corners of your garden . That will keep rabbits , groundhogs etc out of your garden !!

  • Dfm Dfm on Mar 10, 2016
    ive tried perfumes, hot pepper flakes, noise makers, blood meal. the only thing that really works for me is to put small hole fencing around each tomato or pepper plant. yup each. the plastic hardware cloth in black....shades the small transplants, and will keep rabbits from nibbling the young plants. i wrap it around the individual cage, use twist ties to connect the ends and have used them for quite a few years. untwist the ties, lay them flat for storage.

  • Eloise Eloise on Apr 30, 2016
    This works well on squirrels. It's cheap enough to try on rabbits. I don't bother with the popsicle sticks, just place them throughout the garden.

  • Eileen B. Eileen B. on May 14, 2016
    My problem is deer but I see that peonies are deer deterents