Is there a way to get rid or reduce an abundance of weeds?

Lorraine Duke
by Lorraine Duke
Is there a way to get rid or reduce an abundance of weeds that continually keep coming back in a flower garden even though I dig them out to get all of the roots?
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  • Claudia Claudia on Jun 09, 2017
    There are weed and feed products for th I s.

  • Jeff Keith Jeff Keith on Jun 09, 2017
    One way is to dig up your desired flowers place them into pots remove 6 inches of soil place what in the industry is referred to as weed cloth it allows water to penetrate but stops weeds from coming through the barrier.
    Something else you can do, is get some of the new formula round up GEL. put on rubber gloves and a small paint brush brush the gel onto each weed avoiding your flowers. The roundup being a systemic it will go throughout the plant killing everything including the roots. I have done this it works, possibly look into a raised flower bed and container flowers in pots this way you can change your beds around at will, to take advantage of bloom cycles.

  • Lorraine Duke Lorraine Duke on Jun 09, 2017
    ok thanks....I will look for it and try.

  • Put down landscape fabric, cardboard or a thick layer of newspaper, then mulch on top.