Weeds out of flower beds

Susan Chartrand
by Susan Chartrand
  4 answers
  • Ahild Ahild on Jul 07, 2018

    I've been tackling the problem this year...somehow got gort? weed in two of my beds...a real nightmare. I've been putting down layers of newspaper and then very carefully spot spraying with weed killer. Will put another layer of newspaper and then a good layer of mulch. A lot of work, but worth it if I can win this battle.

    Good luck to you!

  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Jul 07, 2018

    you know, we just get down on our hands and knees and start bagging them. yes, it is hard work and it will take time but that is the BEST way to do it. Finish it off with a good covering of straw and plenty of it.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 07, 2018
    Pull the weeds. If it is things like creeping Charlie or grosses that are root born, take them to about six inches out of the garden. That way you can catch that as is comes in the garden. The rest of the weeds, pull or dig up as many as you can. Put down Preen Weed Preventer as directed on the container and that will prevent the weed seeds from germinating and keeping you garden pretty much weed free. Mulch over the garden, that also helps prevent weeds and helps keep the moisture in the soil. The Preen will not harm the garden at all. I use it on my soul when I plant seeds in my veggie garden and have no problems with the seeds germinating. I hope this helps you Susan, the only time I spend weeding in my garden is the root born weeds around the edges and some tree seeds that sprout up, probably ten minutes a week or so.

  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Jul 07, 2018

    I just pull them up by hand root and all. If you leave the slightest bit of root, here comes another weed. I then put very thick layers of newspaper down, wet it then a thick layer of mulch. I have actually had better luck with the newspaper at keeping the weeds at bay than the black weed cloth.