Asked on Nov 17, 2018

How do I find out what is eating my plant and how do I get rid of it?

by Teresa

I hope someone can help me with what it is and how to get rid of it destroying the flowers and garden? Florida zone 9 thanks ahead of time

q what is eating outside garden

Picture of a leaf

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  • Grace Gleason Grace Gleason on Nov 17, 2018

    What is the plant?

  • LindaLou LindaLou on Nov 17, 2018

    I'm no expert but if my plants were doing that the first thing that I would do is to try spraying them with a solution of 70% plain water and 30% of the blue Dawn dishwashing soap. Mix it up in a spray bottle and spray them well. If the leaf damage is being caused by an infestation of tiny mites, then this will definitely cure the problem.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Nov 17, 2018

    It's a fungus Try 1/2 tsp baking soda and gallon of warm water dilute mix well then spray them well tops & bottoms. if you have a large garden you'll need big sprayer. don't continue watering the plants on the leaves they need watered from soil. if baking soda doesn't work you'll need sulphur or copper octanate get from reputable nursery/greenhouse. It does spread if you do not want to treat plants you can cut off all the leaves do not compost, trash them

    • Lisa Sinclair Lisa Sinclair on Nov 18, 2018

      I agree , with Lynn. Not much more to add, except to research, research, research!

  • Shannon Stordock Hecht Shannon Stordock Hecht on Nov 17, 2018

    Because these cacti are so tough you can' see holes so I believe that slugs/snails might be the problem. You can by a product called Corey Slug Bait. It isn't toxic to plants or animals so it is very safe to use. Follow the printed directions on the box. You might google for other ways to control them. I think one involves beer! I just use Corey's to eliminate the nasty things!

  • Lah Lah on Nov 18, 2018

    Contact your local nursery or home extension service for identification and how to solve thevproblem.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Nov 18, 2018

    If nothing else works, you could take a leaf to your local garden nursery and they should be able to help.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Feb 27, 2022

    Consult your local cooperative extension to see what your plant has.