What is the best way to get rid of moles in ur lawn?

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  • Just Retired Just Retired on Jun 16, 2017
    There is a product called Shake Away that you can purchase on Amazon. It is a rodent repellent that contains crystals of coyote urine and mint. Moles and chipmunks do not like it. Here is a link for you to purchase it on Amazon http://amzn.to/2rzFkWq It works very well!!!

  • Brenda Brandt Deason Brenda Brandt Deason on Jun 16, 2017
    A cat who likes to hunt! My cat died 18 months ago and I didn't appreciate him enough. You can try running a hose into a hole until the water comes out the other holes.

  • Carole Triplett Brooks Carole Triplett Brooks on Jun 16, 2017
    There are several methods to controlling your mole population

    Use of Insecticides to eliminate insects (removes their food source)
    A. First: Detect the Presence Of Moles
    The first and most important step is to properly detect the presence of mole and locate the main mole runways or tunnels.

    Main runways and tunnels can be indicated by mounds of soil created as they construct them.

    To locate mole tunnels in frequent use, clear away a mound of soil and probe for the opening usually a short passage that leads down a few inches to the main tunnel. Place Victor mole traps or Talparid Mole Bait in this tunnel.

    Further ways to identify main runways:
    Follow more or less a straight course for some distance
    Appear to connect two mounds or two runway systems.
    Follow fence rows, concrete paths or other man-made borders or
    Follow a woody perimeter of a field or yard.
    Nest are commonly found along protected areas like fence rows or hedgerows.
    Second: Follow up with your choice of mole control methods.
    Baiting: Using Mole Bait
    Talparid mole bait's size, shape and feel let moles consume the bait in the same manner as its primary food source, the earthworm. Talpirid mole bait mimics the mole's natural food source and has the same size, shape and feel as earthworms.

    One worm contains a lethal dose of bromethalin, an active ingredient that capitalizes on the mole's high energy demands.
    Special enhancers ensure immediate attraction and excellent product acceptance.
    Talpirid mole bait works quickly and can kill in 24 hours.

    Using Mole Traps : Talpirid and Victor
    As with all mole control treatment methods, (particularly with trapping), patience and persistence are the key words. Trapping moles with mole traps is usually easiest during the spring and fall with mole activity is at a peak. Trapping in the spring can also eliminate the pregnant females, reducing population.

    Talparid Mole Trap-
    Lawn damage caused by moles plagues homeowners and lawn care specialists alike. Seldom seen as they tirelessly tunnel underground, moles leave their telltale marks aboveground as unsightly "mole hills", mounds of soil, or grassless brown streaks. Trapping is most successful during the spring and fall months after a rain. Moles are more difficult to locate in the summer and winter months, since their tunnels are deeper in the soil. When using a mole trap, locate the active runways first. Do this by stepping on a run or mound and mark the location. Wait for 24-48 hours to see if the opening is re-opened (indicating mole activity). Place mole traps in this location.

    Talpirid Mole Trap is a heavy-duty, dual-spring trap designed for use by the professional pest control market. Talpirid Mole Trap offers professionals speed and safety in servicing mole accounts. This specially designed "hands-free" mole trap is fast and easy to place and set.

    Victor Mole Trap-
    Victor Out O Sight Mole Trap is a typical scissor-type trap. This trap is more economical than the Talpirid Mole Trap, but more difficult to set.

    Establish intial activity: Use your finger, small wooden dowel or a narrow rod to puncture a hole in the top of subsurface runways. Be careful not to crush runways. Mark opened runways and revisit them 48 to 72 hours later. Runways that have had holes resealed within 72 hours should be baited.

    Using Gassers for Mole Control
    Although the poisonous gases such as Revenge Rodent Smoke Bombs are generally less effective unless you can gas the major nests and/or repeated applications are made, some people have gotten good results with this type of product.

    Using Mole Repellents
    Granulated Repellents:
    Liquid Repellents:
    Mole Scam Professional-22 lbs- -is a professional granulated mole repellent that drives moles from your yard by organic repellents (Castor Oil - 17.0%, Citronella Oil - .9997% , Garlic Oil - .0003%). Apply Mole Scram Professional during the mole seasons, usually in the spring and fall; lasts 30-45 days, covers up to 16, 500 square feet.

    Mole Scram Granular Repellent- -10 lbs(Castor Oil - 15.0%,Citronella Oil - .4997% , Garlic Oil - .0003% ;covers up to 7500 square feet

    MoleMax is also a granululated product by Bonide, with a lesser percentage of Castor Oil (10.0%, no other ingredients).

    Whole Control (Top Recommendation)
    Sweeney's Mole and Gopher Repellent
    Shotgun Repels All
    Controlling with Insecticides To Kill Insects and Grubs
    Treating the lawn surface with a granule such as Imidacloprid .5G or Merit Granules would eliminate their food sources (insects, grubs and worms). Eliminating their food source, however, has one drawback. The moles will tunnel more aggressively in search of food, causing more temporary surface damage. This increased tunneling and surface damage will last for 2-4 weeks.
    Imidacloprid .5G or Merit Granules are best applied during the spring months and are long lasting. Most Imidacloprid liquid formulations do not work well as the granule formulations.

  • Judy Wood Judy Wood on Jun 16, 2017
    Gopher purge,it is a green plant type,just dig a small hole and plant ,the part that goes in the ground looks and smells like onions,you can mow over it ,as it grows it will seed up at the top the wind and weather and such will spread them and make more plants,it comes back every year,my mom planted some in her yard yrs ago,now there are some in back yard and all over. She ordered them from the back of a magazine,do not know the magazine name,but it does work.

  • Bob Onitt Bob Onitt on Jun 17, 2017
    how angry are you ?get a bottle of clorox and bottle of ammonia and a air-pac and weed blower,and 4 ft foundation stake ...open the hole till you see the tunnel pour the chems together in a jar and close and don't breath it your dealing with chlorine gas just like ww1 my technique would be to shove the jar down the hole ,follow it with the the blower ,now find the jar with a steel foundation stake and break it in place underground, the blower will blow the gas through out the tunnels it will settle in low places ,and float into higher places ,don't kill your neighbors the gas dissipates pretty quickly ,but do not breath it,or drift into any bodys property ,but how much do hate gophers ,this works they will jump right out of the holes if near one,you can shovel broken glass out later or leave it your lawn ,be a wild graphic novel ...''the gopher wars''

  • Castor oil or a windmill - they hate vibrations