What will get rid of fungus gnats in houseplants? Help!

Anne Boyle
by Anne Boyle
I have tried nematodes, nicotine water, and vinegar traps.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 19, 2017
    You will have to re-pot the plants in fresh soil.Fungus gnats lay egg in which you will never get it under control unless the soil is changed.Spray the upper and lower leaves with a horticultural soap.

  • Willowsverge Willowsverge on Jun 19, 2017
    I havent tried it but i heard putting a capful of dawn in a a squirt bottle of water and totally saturating the leaves top and bottom is supposed to help. The soap makes it hard for them to digest food.

  • Lora Lora on Jun 19, 2017
    You can try covering the top of the soil with some kind of mulch. Moss or small stones, or something that they can't easily get through. That helped for me. I have also noticed that when I pot indoor plants it's much safer to use a fresh bag. If the bag has been open for any length of time outside they are much more likely to be in there. The soil has to be wet for them to survive.

  • Allison Allison on Jun 20, 2017
    Lightly sprinkle cinnamon on the surface of the soil. Let the plants dry a bit before watering and you should be good to go.