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Having some trouble with squirrels? So were we. Here are five easy steps to rid your salad greens of digging critters. -- Jenn -- www.GardenStamp.com --- Our Hometalk posts: http://www.hometalk.com/gardenstamp/posts
Having a spot of trouble with squirrels?
For two growing seasons our neighbors' cats hung around and kept the salad table pest free.
Since the neighbors (and cats) moved in Sept, we have been finding walnuts buried and the table in disarray. Thankfully, squirrels don't bother the lettuce.
1. Dig out everything that your furry friends might have buried.
Somebody is watching the progress.
2. Garden Stamp your beds. Keep your holes shallow. (Click See 6 More to the left for the rest of the post)
Plan to use all stamped holes for salad leaf greens only. Once squirrel-proofed, you will only be able to harvest on the surface. No beets or radishes this time.
3. Plant salad green seeds shallow. Spinach pictured here. There will be another layer of growing media added.
4. Cut poultry netting to fit your garden bed.
Make sure the net is tucked in firm against the soil.
5. Spread growing media over the bed to cover seeds and the netting.
From July 4, 2013 - We have entirely too much fun Garden Stamping patterns to let the squirrels dig them up.
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  • Jane R. Jane R. on Jul 06, 2014
    A sprinkling of red or black pepper on the soil will keep squirrels out of flower pots. You do have to add more after a time since watering dilutes the smell.

  • LRD LRD on May 27, 2017
    Any planter box the best wood is "Ceder"