Stink Bug Catcher

by Judy
2 Materials
5 Minutes


I hate these things.

If you find them inside of your home this is a great non toxic and free solution to get rid of stink bugs.

If they get inside take a water bottle and cut a few inches down. Cut the top off do it looks like a funnel. Place this down inside the bottle so the top is now inside the bottle.

Fill the bottle with water and dish liquid.

The edge of this bottle can now be used to scoop the wayward bugs into this and swish them to drown them.

Keep the bottle outside like we do. We see them come from our patio door.

When one gets in scoop and swish. Throw out when it's yucky and full.

Get a plastic water or soda bottle and something to cut it with. Cut away from yourself.

Cut just below the curved area to make a funnel top you invert into the bottle. Watch those fingers!

Now that it's in two and your ready to do some high tech bug scooping.

Place the top in upside down.

Fill with water and a few squirts of dish liquid. This makes the water so the bugs can't fly and the inverted top they can't get out of.

Make sure there is space for the bug to fall down into. Don't fill and cover the spout.

Here you go! High tech stink bug or any other bug for that matter, catcher. Sometimes I tape the tops together. It's not usually around that long.

Suggested materials:
  • Empty bottle   (I had it.)
  • Box cutter   (Had it.)
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