A few photos of a recent installation. No more grass, but a nice stone patio, hot tub, and new plantings.

Southern Trillium LLC
by Southern Trillium LLC
Just sharing a few photos of a recent installation. We will finish it up in about a month when we install the perennials and groundcovers. Although the weather is quite warm, we prefer to wait a little longer.
We were presented with this small backyard space, and the desire of the homeowners was to increase the patio space, add a hot tub, and improve the overall aesthetics of the backyard. We proposed removing all grass, and only having plantings, which they agreed to. Enjoy a few photos of this almost complete transformation of a small backyard space. The backyard is only 60 feet wide by 37 feet deep. The homeowners are already loving the new space and are looking forward to the finishing touches.
I will post updated photos after we finish the remaining plantings.
A look at the mostly complete installation. No more grass in the backyard.
This is what we were presented with. Everything was removed.
Another look at the before.
After the first day of demolition and light grading, in order to remove the old grass and liriope.
A look after we finished the dry-laid flagstone patio. We blended colors of flagstone to add more interest to the area.
A look at the small sitting area set apart from the main patio. The homeowners already had this small fountain, which is positioned where we designed a water feature. The sitting area and water feature are also on axis from the master bedroom providing a nice view out the windows.
Another look at the area as it stands after most of the completed installation.
Updated photos taken 1 year after installation.
1 year after installation.
1 year after installation.
1 year after installation.
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